Nov 4, 2014

Modern American Election: Rationalizing Cheating

By RF Schatten

"Nobody will ever deprive the American People the Right to Vote, except the American People themselves...and the only way they can do this, is by not Voting"  ~~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Nice words to inspire...but, 70 years or so ago, people would listen and carefully rationalize others' words and thoughts. Today, we live in cynical times. JFK said in his inauguration, not to ask what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Today it's, screw what the country can do for's what you can get away with, and how much...from screwing your country!

We have an election, in which the central underlying issues, revolves around misinformation, voter suppression, and cheating. The public issues at stake? The Economy, Gays, Women, Black, Latinos, and the youth. What does the GOP platform stands for? Anti-Gays, Anti-Women, Anti-Black, Anti-Latino...along with being Anti-Environment, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Education, and Anti-Health. They won't talk about Obamacare because it's a success, and they won't talk about the Economy because it's the greatest economy since Clinton's greatest economy. They 'will' say, it's a failed Economy, and a failed Health everything else that's successful. Criticize the shit out of it, and demonize those who created it...then take credit for all the successes if the balance of power, shifts.

With all those positions against the vast majority of Americans...all it can be said, is; "America! what a country!" The majority, as of now!...enjoys all the shit, hate, and fear, Republicans have been pushing. around the country! They have absolutely no talking points, except convincing people about hating they neighbor. But the people love it!! they never can get enough!...that's why they're leading!! Nixon and the "Hard Hats", the same thing...the Rich pissing on the Poor, while the rest of the Zombie nation of non-voters, looks on!! It's not me, so 'Me, worry'?? The bourgeoisie mindset in all societies...even if America's middle class is quickly disappearing.

"The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty. And that can become a vicious, downward cycle. Because suddenly, if everyone else is cheating, you feel a need to cheat too" ~~ Stephen Covey

No matter who wins or who loses...nothing is going to change the following day...the anger and hate between both sides will continue. One with a little more bragging rights in Congress, and one that will not stop till they complete their agenda....except for more cheating, than ever!

Elections 2014: The Vote You Save May Be Your Own