Nov 1, 2014

America's Political Dysfunction...where do we go from here?

By RF Schatten

When insane, batshit stupidity, and openly public deceptions & lies, trumps reason and intelligent discourse...who really wins? The American public?

America!...what a country! The most politically dysfunctional modern society on the face of this earth. And Americans can't understand why the world just continues to laugh at us! We have become the greatest 'Reality Show' seen around the world, and when FoxNews talks...people listen...and laugh their heads off!!

How dysfunctional? 29% of Louisiana Republicans blame Obama for the shitty FEMA response, during Katrina!!...remember, this shit happened in 2005!...3 years before Barack Obama even got elected! Keep your electorate as ignorant as possible!! How stupid is stupid?? 44% of all Cajun Republicans don't know who to blame!! Ignorance 'is' the object and goal of every propaganda machine.

How dysfunctional? You have 4 idiots who claim not to believe in Science, but use every single bit of technology and means available...created by tell their gullible minions that "Science" doesn't exist! Ted Cruz, Jim Inhofe, Mike Enzi, and Ron Johnson are total idiots with no scientific knowledge, whatsoever!!. A Lawyer, an Insurance Salesman, and 2 Accountants...what the hell, do they know about keeping the population of this nation, safe from things beyond our control? and about keeping our commitment to the Conservation of our Forests and Public Lands? The GOP and their Tea lovers' response to one of their own, Teddy Roosevelt: Fuck you, Teddy!!

If they take the Senate, they'll control the following Committees: the EPA, the National Science Foundation, Homeland Security, and the Budget!! Expect these 'brothers in arms' to double-cross and stab each other in the back...for control! Especially, our Lawyer!...if he could, he would appoint himself Chairman of all committees in Congress. Remember, he was anointed by God, himself!!

How dysfunctional? When nothing works for the Republicans...they'll always go straight to that 'Grey' area in politics, where things are drawn into a fine line of what's legal and what's not. First Gerrymandering...which is legal...then if that doesn't work, find or make laws that will suppress the vote. 650,000 people have lost their human right to vote...all of them Black, Hispanic, and the Poor. And in Texas and Georgia, they're very happy all those people lost their right!! That's sick!! a compassionless mentality. And those who lost their rights? They'll bitch and whine, and some will protest, or try using the courts again (but, unfortunately, after the elections). Will we see 650,000 protesters, angrily shouting and protesting their Right to Vote? No!! We don't do that...though some will...because they do have the guts to stand up against injustice! But, the majority will just say; Oh, well! we got screwed again! American voters are too's hard to light a fire up their tush.

What does this say about our Society? A society complacent with apathy...people on both sides of the issues, from both Parties, are telling their friends to sit out the Elections. The GOP desperately wants to take over both Chambers, but are shooting themselves in the foot with all their quarreling. The Democrats fears the GOP, like the GOP fears the Tea Party...and refuse to work united, with their leaders. Does serious Political Discourse mean anything, anymore?? Apparently, a lot of people in this Country, don't give a shit about all the serious issues confronting our nation...and rather vote without a thought to the future, for Fear and Hate!! That's our national Dysfunction!!

Thinking About the Future From the Edge of Darkness | Paul Stoller