Nov 3, 2014

Crooked Foreign Elections? never in the US!...well, only if the $$$ is good!

By RF Schatten

Why would outside secret groups spend tens of millions of dollars in Attack Ads, and Negative Automated Telephone calls...aimed at the Poor, the Women, the Gays, the Blacks, the Latinos, and the youth?? Are they scared? No!! It's their way of pointing all the ills in this country to the fascists would point all the ills in Germany to the Jews, the Gypsies, and anyone else who's not  pure 'Arian.' Here, in the good ole''s called "Lilly White."

These 'secret' SuperPACs didn't even exists before Labor Day!...and never reported any contributions with the Federal Elections Commissions!!...then started spending 7-figure Advertising? All very secretive, why? This country is up for sale by the GOP...the Republican Party has sold themselves out to an Extreme Right Wing ideology...and their benefactors? the John Birch Society!! aka Koch Industries...$$$ talks!!

How to win an election without a political platform: don't tell the truth, lie your big fat ass off, and blame all your faults, failures, and mediocrity, at your opponents. Most important: Make your opponents' accomplishments appear as failures...and when those accomplishments are heralded...take the credit for them!! Hey! that's the Republican textbook on how to screw their own country. NEVER LET THE POPULATION KNOW THE TRUTH. Example: The Republican Party has a standard sound-byte when talk centers on the Economy...The President's "Economic Failures"!!!

ECONOMIC FAILURE?? How these people find ways to destroy great accomplishments!! In the case of Barack Obama...since you can't attack his success, attack his personal being...that great Nationalist Socialists Party technique of personal social attacks. Hate and Fear attracts the incredibly ignorant and hides the accomplishments made by others. Hide the fact that the Economy is great!!
Why would not, even one single Republican, rebuke Forbes Magazine's statement on Barack Obama? If the official Republican stance is 'A Failed Economic Policy'...why don't they defend their argument?

Where do Republicans stand on the Forbes article? Is there anyone who's willing to say, Forbes is full of shit? and if they are... are they ready to prove to everyone their argument? not a troll spin, but a real reason why they know more about Economics than Forbes?

My only question to whoever wants to answer it: Why did Forbes Magazine call Barack Obama, the "Best Economic President in Modern Times"?  Where are all those big brave Republicans, who keep putting down the President and the Economy?? Economic Failure?...rebuke Forbes!! or admit that Obama  has done more for the economy than the Gipper ever did!...if they have the cojones to admit anything!

A Flood of Late Spending on Midterm Elections, From Murky Sources -