Nov 2, 2014

Truth vs. Lies...a reflection of 1933? What are the real underlying issues in 2014?

By RF Schatten

"If only Obama didn't run for President, we could've just continued to pretend that Racism was over" ~~~ Ezra Klein

Every day, we're seeing about a dozen Election Polls showing one result and another dozen Polls showing the opposite...a few days later those same polls, reverse each others! Everybody says the Republicans are going to win...but, at the same time, everyone says it's so close...anything can happen!

Now, the NBC/Wall Street Journal National bipartisan can it be? Conservative WSJ and Liberal NBC...says the Democrats and the GOP are "Deadlocked" with 48 hours to go!! No matter who you're rooting's turned into a pretty competitive year for the Upper Chamber!!

Why has it become that close with 48 hours left? Everyone's entitled to their opinion...mine? The majority in this country is insulted and offended with the mindset of the Far Right...not necessarily all Republicans...but their Tea Loving aficionados. If the aroma of tea were absent of this election, I have no doubt the GOP would win, That's why it's this close!!

This election has turned out to be a contest about Truth vs.Lies. Who believes who...46% - 45% is within every margin of error. When you have an election this close and every issue is supported by one side and opposed by the other...with absolutely no compromise in's no longer about policies! It's personal! Ezra Klein couldn't have said it better...Racism and Bigotry has been at the forefront of this entire election cycle, like it's been in the forefront since a few hours into the night of November 4th, 2008....when Mitch McConnell promised to do absolutely nothing except make Obama a one term President, now, absolutely nothing till his 2nd term is over. He 'did' promise, nothing will be done by the Republican Party!

It's going to come down, like I said, on who believes who...and who's willing to do their civic duty...go out and Vote!! Ignorance doesn't always win...but, it doesn't always lose, either ...look at 1933!

NBC/WSJ National Poll: GOP, Dems Deadlocked Heading Into Election Day