Nov 5, 2014

Legalizing Weed in's been a long time coming!

RF Schatten

CONGRATULATIONS OREGON!! 1st State to Decriminalize in 1973, 2nd State to go Medicinal in 1998 was a struggle the last couple of years, but the 'greenest' state in the going to get a lot $Greener$!! as it becomes the 3rd State to Legalize the Recreational use of Weed. Happy 420!!

Earlier, Washington DC voted to Legalize the smoking of Marijuana in our Nation's Capital...though the sales are still not legal. And Alaska!!...your next!! It's no doubt they're looking good coming into tonight's vote. The sign, many in California have been waiting for...if Oregon goes legal...the Golden State will follow.

In Northern California and Southern Oregon, the finest Weed grown in North America...and among the best qualities in the world...resides. Business is business...but tonight, is Party took a lot of hard work, a lot of walkngs, a lot of talking, a lot of knocking on doors! But it was the interactions between the communities...that really put everything in the proper light, and how we can work together.

Congratulations to's been a long time coming!

Legal marijuana in Oregon: Live updates from Measure 91 election party (live video) |