Jan 31, 2016

Trump on Healthcare: The "Old Trump Bullshit" carries on!

 By RF Schatten

“Give them the old Trump bullshit...tell them it is going to be a 1,000,000 Square Feet, 68 Stories.”...as Donald Trump told the architect Der Scutt before a presentation of the Trump Tower design at a Press Conference in 1980. What a great guy!...even in 1980 "The Bullshit" was part of his sales shtick...the "Old Trump Bullshit"!!!

Nobody knows Healthcare better than Donald Trump? Hmm, interesting! I really, really, really, truly, truly believe Dr. Ben Carson knows just a tad more about Healthcare than the Trumpster does. Now, the self-proclaimed smartest man on earth, is also now the self-proclaimed most knowledgeable man on earth in Health and Medicine!!...and if anyone truly believes this man's horseshit, they deserve to be lead straight right into extinction....cause 'that' is what the Donald does best!!

In buying out Equitable Life Assurance Company’s share of then commercial space in the Trump Tower, a top prominent real-estate developer in NY told Vanity Fair; “He paid Equitable $60 Million...the equity for the entire commercial space was $120 million. Suddenly, Donald was saying that it was worth $500 million!” Oh! that Old Trump

The self-proclaimed best business man on earth, whose going to "Make America Great Again". Let's see how great that "Old Trump Bullshit" has worked for this schmuck:
1) Trump Airlines...between 1988 and 1992...Profits? None, 0, Zilch! Fate? Bankrupt and Broken apart to pay its creditors.
2) Trump Magazine...1 1/2 Years...Profits? Ceased Publication.
3) Trump Vodka...2006-2011...Profits? Lackluster Sales, company dissolved.
4) Trump Mortgage...After 1 1/2 Years...Profit? Failed and Ceased operations.
5) Trump Steaks...Closed 2012...Profits? Closed for Multi Health Violations.
6) Trump University...accused of defrauding students by the New York Attorney General...a Non-Accredited "For Profit" School, incurred $40 Million in damages.
7) Trump Casinos...3 Trump Casinos in Atlantic City, NJ...all, went through Bankruptcy in 2014...for the 4th fricken time!!

Real Estate? 4 Properties failed for over-leveraging, which worked well in a Bull Market, but when it turned into a Bear Market? Let's just say this 'smart' Billionaire was a lot richer before his leverage tactics.

A man who made his bucks first as a slumlord...with a very tiny pittance of a $1 Million loan from his daddy...then via US Bankruptcy Court, profiting by tax ride-offs and screwing the creditors. A true failure in Business throughout his lifetime, though a big time winner when it comes in screwing your fellow man. He represents the true evil
of the dark side of Capitalism, a man who puts God, Country, and Family, way way far behind himself.

One of this man's best friends, Russell Simmons, publicly told him to stop the "Old Trump Bullshit"! but he continues to glorify himself and lie! lie! lie! There is a reason why Donald Trump is not a business model, used in Business Schools around the country...except, in the non-credited "for" profit school he ripped the public off!

A degenerate, self-idolizing, liar and professional con man, with absolutely no loyalties to anyone....to God, to Family, especially to his Party, or to anyone else in this nation...a
philanderer married 3 times, an ignorant who thinks Evangelical Christians are the best but never read the Bible, and thinks Muslims are the worst people on earth but never read the Koran. The man who has made indecency and vulgarity part of his self-righteous fight against a Multi-Ethnic Society and Multiculturalism.

To get your vote, this man has done everything but Pledge Allegiance to Fascism, it's all
right to hate thy neighbor...not only keep him out of your neighborhood, keep him out of the country!! Then built a wall around this Nation to keep out anyone who's not a "Pure Bred"...preferably White as a Lily. And he's going to put a Beautiful Majestic Entrance...Foreigners! with valet parking till you return and go home...because he really doesn't want you here! For Donald Trump, it's all about money and power. If you got Cash or Plastic?...welcome to America! have a good time and buy whatever you want, then get the hell out and go back to where you came from!
If you're not 'privileged'? Sorry Charley!...but you still have to pay for building "The Wall"! Oops! there's that Old Trump Bullshit, again!

And then you have your typical Trumpster Groupie, who's going to believe all this...and really wants to make the other side pay for a wall to keep themselves out? Ahhyup! they're addicted to the Old Trump Bullshit!

To a more serious matter, the recent sound-bytes coming out of this spoiled rich brat's mouth...on backing comments about "Pure Breed" only for the Presidency, and his love for
Fascism. When a candidate brings in his own security, threatens and abuse the Free Press, and have people who don't agree with Le Grande Orange, physically escorted out while Trump fanatics beat them on the way out...then outside, they're beaten again! That's sounds like 1931 Germany. "Pure Breed"!...like in the "Master Race"?

Pure Breeding and Fascism...old words that suck off each other...specially with a master Demagogue playing to the sheer ignorance, who really believe he's strong. Strength is not, how much you can brag about yourself and all those lies, and still sell a country invisible plans, just by saying "I Know Everything"...trust me".
His biggest weakness?...besides being a mediocre businessman who's constantly in trouble and practically lives in Court...is being a Fool who's already being used at a whim by Vladimir Putin and Bibi Netanyahu, and if elected, by a good amount of other world leaders!

Donald Trump's life has always been within his own little circle of existence, in all his own grandeur splendor!...outside his safe zone?...he has no clue of life in the city streets (except for the tenants he's booted out) or life in Main Street America USA. His fanatic groupies? They're around, cause they can't get enough of that Old Trump Bullshit!

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