Jan 20, 2016

Birds of a Feather? Palin & Trump...what a Combo!

By RF Schatten

Yes! there is a God! and it appears he's a Democrat...and, with a great sense of humor!

What a combo!...the quintessential 1st couple of Batshit Politics!...together, my teenage grandson has more understanding of Domestic and Foreign Policy than the Hockey Mom and the Trumpster, collectively! Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving, and teamed up with Trump? Two walking talking Public Jokes living in their own very surreal world...but, how surreal? The Donald believes that such a brilliant scholar as Palin is, would make an excellent Vice President that's only a heartbeat away from the Red Button...and you know she doesn't "pussyfoot" around!
A failed reality star and a 'fired' reality star, combining their absurdity and lunatic talents in the greatest reality show in recent memory...the GOP Clown Show has now become better than ever. Two caricatures of idiots roaming the country telling tales and making promises...full of sound and fury...and signifying absolutely nothing!

Political Correctness involves changing or avoiding language that might offend anyone, especially with respect to gender, race, or ethnic background. But in the world of Trump and Palin?...Political Correctness is a filthy word, as Palin pretty much acknowledged in her speech to their gullible corn eating audience...but with the vulgar Language and behavior throughout this campaign season, with the disrespect she, Trump, and most of the GOP has for other people's Race and Ethnic backgrounds, and the disrespect the GOP has for certain people's Gender and/or Religion? Political Correctness and Decorum by the Republican Party has been trashed away long, long ago!

The 1st Lady of Batshit is no lady...she's Sarah Palin. A woman who always puts her ambitions ahead of her family's problems. This time, making her so called "Breaking News" announcement with Le Grande Orange on the same day as her son got arrested for "Domestic Violence" while pandering to an already over-exploited group of tea drinkers in Iowa...it was as good as Trump pandering and explaining the Bible to college students at Liberty University! After that show and those 2 Corinthians Sound Bytes...how else can Donald Trump embarrass himself any more as a great reader of the Bible?!?!

If Reince Priebus hasn't had enough of the Trumpster and the Tea Party...now the woman that the Party just can't get rid of, like a really bad fungus...how is the RNC going to deal with her and her antics? Even if you don't like Priebus, you got to feel sorry for the poor schmuck! With Sarah hanging around for every photo-op available with or without Trump, and campaigning for him this season even with her low credibility within the GOP...the stronger The Donald is going to get towards his nomination, and the quicker the disintegration of Grand Old Party will take place. Good job, Reince!

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Batshit America...two people and a movement that hypocritically cover themselves up in a 'Populist' disguise of Christian Family Values, Patriotism, and American Exceptionalism.
This dynamic duo...like Barry Goldwater...represents the lowest common level of Intelligence Quotient in this country, while presently talking to audiences at all events at a 3rd Graders' level. And that's Trump!...as for the Hockey Mom? Goo goo and gaa gaa will do just fine!

What the Donald & the Dummy represents to America:
An egotistical, self-adulated 3 times married man, a philanderer that's been caught more than once, accused of Rape by his ex and defended successfully on the Horseshit ground for defense that "Marital Rape" cannot occur. An xenophobic who marries Immigrants, A man who's an Anchor Baby, a couple of kids who are also Anchor Babies, an Immigrant Mom, an Immigrant ex-wife, and an Immigrant present wife...and this piece of shit is against Immigration! A man who made his fortunes at the cost of others...right, Atlantic City?!?! How to make money by going Bankrupt every 7 years and writing it off as a tax loss. Righteous S.O.B., isn't he??
In Palin, you have an egotistical, totally insane, camera hungry, crazy human being and a loser who talks big, but left the Alaska Governor's job when things started getting hot and downhill, and a not too rosy forecast with her own Legislature. A woman who talks 24/7 about the strength of the Family Unit and gloriously talks about her daughter with now, 'two' kids out of wedlock...the second while working and being a motivational speaker for "Teenage Abstinence"! A second daughter who's infamous on Twitter for her filthy mouth, and a son who just got arrested for Domestic Violence...and that's not to mention all the Police reports and calls for domestic family problems and disturbances throughout the years.
Apparently, Republicans loves both of these goofballs...why? they're different!...and so are the Kardashians, who proves you don't need talent to make it big, just be wild, crazy, and loud...and stupidity will follow you anywhere.

The record percentage of GOP Votes in the Johnson blitzkrieg of 1964 was 29% Nationally...expect that record to fall into 19-20%. The 10 or 11 point difference?...Barry was a different type of character and a Gentleman.

Democrats? Do not take Trump too lightly!!...for years over-confidence has always been that monkey riding on the Democrats' back...don't dismiss Batshit Politics as just a political aberration...there 'are' and always has been, a lot of ignorantly stupid and insane people that follows conservative populist movements in America! Just look at today's version of the Grand Old Party! 

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