Jan 17, 2016

The Right Wing's Demagoguery of American Values

By RF Schatten

The hilarious attempts by an old and not so grand Political Party, destined and determined to go down in flames at any cost!...and now! questioning the Moral Values and Principles of an entire City or State, by an immoral human being with absolutely no values of his own, whatsoever?!?!

For a man like Ted Cruz...like him! hate him! or detest him!...that's generally considered by many pundits, colleagues, and rivals alike as a pretty smart and shrewd Politico...his remark on "New York Values" truly earned him the Big Apple's Fickle Finger of Fate Award!

Embodying New York Values? Attack your opponent by purposely attacking an entire population?...good job Teddy! I guess you're not interested in making friends or influencing anyone anytime soon in the Empire State, which is by the way, the 4th Largest Primary of the season in GOP Delegate Count!
At least Ted and the Donald have kept the Clown Show funny and exciting!...cause the rest of this year's cast of characters lead by "Jeb Can Fix It" (especially Presidential Elections in Florida), they're all pretty damn boring! And unless something dramatically happens...it's going to be the "Teddy & the Trumpster Road Show" till all the Dumbos arrive in Cleveland on July 18th!

"I think most people know exactly what New York values are: socially liberal, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, focused on money and the media"...'that' was for Iowa's caucus ears, where the Eastern Liberal Establishment is not exactly their cup of 'Tea'. A Right Wing Ultra Conservative painting his opponent who glorifies Fascism and is publicly endorsed by America's Neo-Nazis as a Progressive Liberal? It's a Civil War between Teddy & and the Trumpster...and may the worse man win! Decorum, anyone?

A war waged between 2 raging rival Demagogues...raving lunatics, both! One arrogant, egocentric, conceded braggart who...in his own words...is the most intelligent man on earth, and you know he's right because he said so!  The other, the second coming of Jesus Christ...and you know he's right because his Daddy said so! Remember? Raphael Cruz had an intimate personal conversation with God, and he assured that Teddy is the next Messiah...the man who's going to fight and uphold Christianity against all the Heathens that are turning this world into a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Society!  Cubans call that; "Ser Un Tremendo Descarado"!!

Trump, a degenerate that's oh! so big! on the Birther Issue yet he was an Anchor Baby, himself!...since his Scottish immigrant mother didn't become an American Citizen till after he was born! And Ivana!...who didn't become an American Citizen till after her daughter was born! In a family of Anchor Babies...only a raving hypocrite with no values whatsoever would side against Immigrants!

Cruz's dilemma is a little different...a Canadian who had dual Citizenship till around 18 months ago, born of Cuban and American parentage who immigrated to the United States. Birther issues? Could be a complicated Constitutional issue! or maybe quite simple like checking under what Immigration Code "Section"  his name was placed under?
I was born in Cuba of an American Father and Cuban-born Mother who were visiting Havana for a few days vacation...when suddenly I couldn't wait another month to make my entrance, stage left!  My US Citizenship was documented as from the date I was born under the US Immigration's "Section #343 of the US Immigration & Nationality Act". ...I'm officially considered an American Born in a Foreign Country...and like John McCain, I would have those same rights. As for el gran hermano Cubano que no es Cubano? Time will tell what comes out of this issue...or could he even survive Trump?

How Moral Values and Principles are trashed in the Political dumpster! 
Cruz's Lame Apology to New Yorkers' Values:  "I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by the Liberal Politicians in that State." Yea! he sure meant it from his heart...right!
Trump's statement using the 9/11 tragedy for an Apology: "We rebuilt downtown Manhattan and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved New York and loved New Yorkers, ...and I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that Ted made." Even 'that', just another lie from the world's smartest man...he's never supported the Bill to help New York's 9/11 First Response Firefighters. Trump caring for NYC? only when he makes $$$ on the deal!

Teddy & the Trumpster! Two people fighting over Birther Issues that neither of them should have a right to ever talk about! Just another day on the road with the GOP Clown Car!

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