Jan 10, 2016

Bad News for the GOP!...51% of Republicans Favor Gun Control!

 By RF Schatten

Turn out the Lights!...the Party is over! When 51% of all Republican Voters agree with President Obama's Executive Action on Gun Control...what can the RNC do to save face, when all their Top Candidates are ardent supporters of the Anti-Gun Control crowd?

Already a Political Party that has publicly declared to be against the Issues of Immigration, Healthcare, Veterans, the Elderly, Same Sex Marriage, Voting Rights, every Foreign Policy since Nov. 4th, 2008, Women Rights, Abortion Rights, Climate Change, and Education!...a Political Party that is viewed on the losing end by a good margin in every Political Poll, on every solitary Issue! And now, their last bastion of strength...Gun Control!
With an Economy that is not as rotten as their pretended horseshit tales wanted people to believe, with unemployment being at its lowest level since Dubya's reign, and with a population that favors Forbes's Greatest "Economic" President in Modern Times...the Grand Old Party has lost its touch!...running against every single Politically Correct Issue in today's National Discourse is just not good odds! no matter how you slice it!!

So, with no Issues on your side to defend and unwilling to compromise on anything? the GOP's only choice left is turning towards the violent side of our society...the Demagoguery of Lies, Fear, Hate, and Racism! And this year, with the open public endorsement of Donald Trump by America's Neo-Nazi establishment, and the silent approval of the KKK!...Republicans are moving towards Fascism as their only resource against a very fast moving Progressive Society.

In a CNN/ORC Poll, 67% of all Americans approve of Obama's measures on Gun Control. 63% of Gun Owning Households (both Dems and Republicans) are also in favor. And the most disillusion in the RNC? 51% of all Republicans agree with Obama!

Is it that surprising that the vast majority of Americans supports Universal Gun Control? For years, over 90% of the rank and file membership in the NRA have supported strict Gun Control and responsible gun ownership...almost all its membership!...with the exception of its Leadership and their lobby in Congress, naturally!
All these mass shootings and unarmed shootings by law enforcement...especially the children...has made Americans shed more tears than the Far Right expected! It's not just Barack Obama.

The Cynicism of Politics
Was George W Bush's tears fake or real? when he took part in a Medal of Honor Ceremony for Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham at the White House.
Was Gerald Ford's tears fake or real? when he cried at a ceremony honoring his wife, Betty Ford.
Was Richard Nixon's tears fake or real? when coming out of a meeting with Ike, after resolving a controversy that allowed him to remain in the ticket in 1952.
Was George HW, Ike, or even Bill Clinton all crying at public events fake or real?

Yes! they all cried for real! To the dismay of the ignorantly stupid...Presidents, whether Dumbos or Donkeys, whether their political tactics are considered dirty or clean, or whether you like them or not...are basically human beings with normal feelings and emotions!

But in today's Republican Party, with emotionless Politicos from top to bottom and lead by the 2 current front runners in their 2016 Circus Show?...what do you expect? A heartless and indifferent Political Party with no soul...a Political Party running on Right Wing Populism, making people believe they are the voice of the land...while in reality, they're just a far fringe in American Society.

With Trump and Cruz spewing their horseshit right and left these days, their love affair with the Extreme Far Right and Fascism will continue till Hillary or Bernie captures the Gold!...but by then, it may just be too late anyhow! Turn out the Lights!...the Party is over for this version of the Republican Dumbos!

Obama said gun owners would support his new restrictions. He was right. - The Washington Post