Apr 21, 2015

Scott Walker: The Integrity of a Liar...and why the Brothers Koch Love Him!

By RF Schatten

"I've had a high level of Integrity all the way back to my early days as a kid when I earned the rank of Eagle Scout" ~~ Scott Walker
The one person Scott Walker could not ever be confused with...a man of Integrity.

It's precisely his lack of "Integrity" that Scott Walker is a fully paid biotch for Charles and David Koch. Your quintessential "Political Whore"...a degenerate human being, with absolutely no Morals, no Integrity, no Decency, and no Honor!

When you hear the old saying; "The best politician money can buy"...that's Scott Walker! "Corruption" is his Middle Name.

What separates Walker from the rest of the Clown Show, is his open arrogance. An openly corrupt politician and liar...universally recognized by both Republicans and Democrats, as a grande scale "compulsive" Liar! A man who lies when it's politically expedient to Lie, but, this crazy also Lies even when the truth on the subject or issue at hand, firmly it's been established or rebuked...what can we say? the guy likes to lie!...and this goes back as a kid. This boy lies about his own previous lies!...his life has been a mystery, perpetrated by series of lies always culminating with "This never happened".

A man of Integrity? Who cares why he was kicked out from Marquette? A political cheat even back in School Politics...a Dirty Tricks campaigner, his generation's Donald Segretti! Who cares about his Integrity, after dumping his pregnant girlfriend in college? and then lying about his own baby until Paternity Tests made him confirm the truth? Not the most respected man on campus.

The Fact, Marquette University does not welcome him back, and the fact his horseshit story makes absolutely no sense...just adds up to more dishonesty! With all due respect, you don't put in Four grueling years to pick up your degree and leave One Semester short of Graduation because you need a job!...go work at McDonald's!

The easiest mark for those with more a sinister ambition is the easily corruptible politician...enter, Scott Walker!  Hi, Scotty! I'm Charlie, and this is my brother, Dave!

Corruption? not even going there...just too many indictments and investigations with his Administration since he took office! And does he care? he's proud of his indecencies while in office...and always lets you know with a simple half-Peace sign and a loud Bronx Cheer!! A dangerous person is one who doesn't give a shit!

Wisconsin, the great experiment in the John Birch Society's Government Model...Union busting, the elimination of Labor Relations, the elimination of Public Education, the elimination of public health and welfare, and the construction of more Prisons...a big moneymaker for the 'Right' Businessman!...and, the gradual conversion to a Ruling Class Society!

A Man with such a Dishonorable character, and the Brothers Koch...a marriage made in Hell! But, for $900 Million? Scott Walker would do anything, no matter how embarrassing, because to Scott Walker? Frankly, my dear! he doesn't give a damn!

Koch brothers reportedly throw their support behind Gov. Scott Walker in 2016 GOP field