Sep 30, 2011

An Insult To The Intelligence Of His Own Race

by RF Schatten

When Herman Cain was interviewed on Television recently, he spoke about something, that he has persistently been questioning...ever since his declaration to run for the Republican Party: “Why can people understand that a Black man, can be a Conservative?”

I don't know, why he is so persistent on letting people know that he is a Conservative? His insistence, appears more a problem with his own inner mind, than anything else. The reality of the matter, is that no one cares...whether he's Conservative or not. But to Herman is he, who keeps bringing the subject out...certainly, is not the Press, who are genuinely trying to cover his Candidacy, as just another GOP candidate...a former CEO of a Pizza Chain, who did good as a businessman, and now wants to run for President, on the merits of his financial business knowledge.

Now, he has gone a step further...saying that Blacks have been “Brainwashed” into voting, not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view, and being part of the Democratic Party. I'm not Black, but in all appears as an Insult to the Black Community...and, to all my Black fiends and colleagues...that they are not intelligent enough, or not educated enough, or not even, just have plain common sense... to be able to make up their own minds.

What Herman Cain may not understand...or maybe, he's too naïve to understand, is that Blacks do remember “History”...and what lessons they have learned about the Grand Old Party. Now, you mix in Social Conservatism and Fundamentalist Christianity...into the GOP, and it's a clear big sign, that reads: “We don't want people of Color, to mix with our Women and Children, or Ourselves”. Actually, they just don't want Blacks to succeed. A clear indication is Barack Obama...and the treatment, and disrespect he gets from the GOP Tea Jon Stewart said: The Tea Party claims that they are not! they are not Racist!, they just don't like the Blacks.

It's not about Conservatism,'s about Racism and Bigotry. There is this confusion, that probably, only Herman Cain has...a very large portion of the Black Community is Conservative, and a large portion is against Abortion, and Drug use...and, favor Family Values. But Conservatism, unfortunately...don't care much about the Issues most important to the Black Community. The GOP has been the Party for the Conservative American Aristocracy, for pro-business Corporate America, and tend to favor a limited role for Government in Society.

What Cain refuses to understand, is “that” History. The Republican Party's basic philosophy, has never changed...and now, they have taken on, even more Radical positions.They are in favor of the total elimination of Welfare, Unemployment Compensation, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid...all programs that are invaluable to the Black Community.

Look at what the Black Community, has gone through...KKK lynchings, Cross Burnings, “Poll Tax” and the disenfranchising of the African-American Vote, the determination to make the Civil Right Act, and its Movement, not succeed. Segregation, Martin Luther King and Medger Evers, assassinated...Bobby Kennedy, a white man, who fought for the Rights of Blacks, assassinated. The dehumanizing laws of White/Colored Restrooms, White/Colored Drinking Fountains. Lester Maddox's Refusal to Serve Black People, Blacks sitting in the back of the Bus or for Blacks to come in and leave, through the back door, in an all white establishment. In Miami Beach, FL. Blacks needed an ID Card to travel into the City...and only to work as Domestics...after 6PM...they had to leave and return to the City of Miami. Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne, Sammy Davis, Jr...and all other Superstars, had to enter the Hotels, where they were Headlining the Shows...through the kitchen entrance...and had to leave the Hotel, because they were not allowed to stay there, and go to Miami, and stay at the Hampton Liberty City (the Black Neighborhood, in Miami).

All along, where was the GOP in its defense of the Black Man? Where the Hell were they??...I know where the Democrats were..where Bobby Kennedy was, June 11th, 1963...making sure 2 Black students got their Right to enter, and call themselves Crimson Tide...and earlier, on October 1st, 1962, when James Meredith became the first Black Student at the University of Mississippi. The Democrats were right behind the Black Community...and when LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act...and ever since, the Democratic Party has been behind the African-American all the way. It's no coincidence, that of the 41 Black members of the US House of Representatives, now...40 are Democrats. The only Republican? Allen West, if that's any surprise.

The fact that Herman Cain, came out of poverty, studied and worked hard, to achieve his great success, is admirable...his hate and resentment for rising up, literally from the gutter, goes deeper than his Virtues...the truth, whatever happened to him as a child, may or may not be important. What you really see, is his character, a man that went after his goal, at any cost, and who, he had to step over people...a ruthless back stabber, like all big Corporate Execs. He's a Conservative? Fine, that's his right...but, a fool? or is he? Want to be a Conservative? Be a “Republican” Conservative like Edward Brooke, a kind and decent man (91 years old, bless him!)...but, aligning with the Tea Party??...that's just selling your soul!! A group that includes KKK factions, extreme Right Wing Radicals, John Birch Society, Fundamentalist Christians, who really don't like any other Flavor than Vanilla. This is Obscene! It's no wonder, Cain is associated with “Uncle Tom” ...a fool, that acts as their token Black, used by the Tea Party as they wish...and ultimately, will be caste aside. I cannot imagine Herman Caine, side by side with Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and the likes.

What else do you want to know, Herman? You said; "I have received some of that vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a Conservative."
That's not true, Herman! Those criticisms, are not because you're a Conservative, or because you're Black, or because some people think of you as an Uncle Tom. It's because of your pompous attitude, as if you were above all other Blacks. Because of the way you have Insulted the Black Community...your race, your people!!

But, my personal feeling...the best way I can put this, is...why so many, don't like you? It's because, you're simply, an Asshole!