Sep 7, 2011

The Great Texas Success...Not Told By Rick Perry

By RF Schatten

What's really funny in Politics, is when Politicians run for office...they will always criticize the failures of their opponents...and boast their accomplishments, noting, how much better their achievements are, and how they can do the same for everyone else. “Elect me, and what I have done for my constituency, I can do for you!!”

In the case of Governor Rick Perry, known for his intent to re-write American History to fit his own personal appears that he, is also re-writing the current State of the State, so it would show how marvelous a job, he is doing...building his great success in Austin.

Here is Rick Perry's “Great Success” as Governor of the Lone Star State:
High School Graduation Rate - 50th in the Nation (79.9% - National Avg 85.3%)
College Graduation Rate - 30th in the Nation (25.5% - National Avg 27.9%)
Verbal SAT Scores - 49th in the Nation (493)
Math SAT Scores - 46th in the Nation (502)
Per Pupil Education Expenditure - 42nd in the Nation ($8,350 – National Avg $10,297)

Median Household Income - 26th in the Nation ($48,259 – National Avg $50,221)
Poverty Rate by Household Income - 46th in the Nation (16.2% - National Avg – 12.6%)

Women’s Voter Registrati­­on – 45th in the Nation
Women’s Voter Turnout – 49th in the Nation

Percentage of Non-Elderl­­y Uninsured – 1st in the Nation
Percentage of Low Income Population Covered by Medicaid – 49th in the Nation
Percentage of Population with Employer-B­­ased Health Insurance – 48th in the Nation
Total Health Expenditur­­es as % of the Gross State Product – 43rd in the Nation
Per Capita State Spending on Mental Health – 50th in the Nation
Per Capita State Spending on Medicaid – 49th in the Nation
Health Care Expenditur­­es per Capita – 44th in the Nation
Physicians per Capita – 42nd in the Nation
Registered Nurses per Capita – 44th in the Nation
Avg. Monthly Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) Benefits per Person – 47th in the Nation
Percent of Population Who Visit the Dentist – 46th in the Nation
Overall Birth Rate – 2nd in the Nation
Teenage Birth Rate – 7th in the Nation
Births to Unmarried Mothers – 17th in the Nation
Percentage of Women with Pre-Term Birth – 9th in the Nation
Percentage of Non-Elderl­­y Women with Health Insurance – 50th in the Nation
Rate of Women Aged 40+ Who Receive Mammograms – 40th in the Nation 
Cervical Cancer Rate – 11th in the Nation
Percentage of Women with High Blood Pressure – 16th in the Nation
Percentage of Pregnant Women Receiving Prenatal Care in First Trimester – 50th in the Nation
Percentage of Residents with Health Insurance - 50th in the Nation (76.2% - National Avg 84.9%)
Percentage of Children with Health Insurance - 50th in the Nation (83.7% - National Avg 91.4%)
Percent of Children above the Poverty Line - 44th in the Nation (75.6% - NH 1st with 89.2%)

Many of these Records reflect Healthcare, so here is other facts about Texas Healthcare...According to AMA records: In 2008, the number of physicians in patient care per 10,000 civilians was 20.2 In the United States, the average, was 25.7. Thus, Texas ranked near the bottom of the 50 states.
Perry also has talked about how many Physicians have come to Texas to Practice Medicine, because of Texas Tort Reforms. He said it gained 21,000 doctors. The accurate increase is 12,788.  That’s about 8,000 doctors fewer than his claim. What he doesn't say, it's because the normal increase in the state's population. And even that figure is inaccurate, because it's just those Licenses given do not have to live in Texas to receive a State Medical's for use as a visiting Physician too. The more accurate count, based on the Texas Alliance for Patient Access is about 5,000...much less than the 21,000 listed by Perry.

Re-writing Facts, like Re-writing History...could be very advantageous!!
The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Texas continues to be the state with the highest percentage of its residents without coverage, 25% last year, compared the National 16%. It ranked 50th in the Country in 2003...this year, Texas ranks 50th again.
One thing that Texas ranks, among the top in the Nation...and very proudly for the Texas GOP, is: In 2010, the average premium for family coverage in Texas was $14,526. The National Average was $13,375...that's $1,151 higher than the U.S. Average.

His record on Health, Education, Family Income, and Poverty are among the lowest in the Nation...when nearly a quarter (24.4%) of the Children of Texas live in Poverty...I would not think, that is something to be proud of. Neither would be his record on Education, with Texas being 50th in the Nation with High School Graduation...and for 10 straight years!!!...2001 – 2010.

The one area, that he, all the GOP, and the Tea Party, have been raving about...has been his Economy and Job growth. But how much of it, is totally correct? much is what Conservatives say? While a lot said, could be have to take into consideration the fact that most business successes, have come in the Oil Industry, where the Industry have been making Record Profits...and benefiting, most of all... the Wealthy...and, as for Jobs, Texas has had the largest population growth in the country! thus creating more Jobs...but, 90% of those jobs created are minimum wage jobs...with no real future. For an example of low wage jobs, you have to take a look at the Toyota plant in San Antonio. And Texas...still has a $27 billion deficit!

One more quick note...and a very interesting one, indeed. This comes from an article I recently read on “Texas Cuts Volunteer Fire Departments Funding By 75%”
Under Rick Perry this year, Texas slashed state funding for the volunteer fire departments that protect most of the state from wildfires like the ones that have recently destroyed more than 700 homes.
Volunteer departments that were already facing financial strain were slated to have their funding cut from $30 million to $7 million, according to KVUE-TVThe majority of Texas is protected by Volunteer Fire Departments. There are 879 Volunteer Fire Departments in Texas and only 114 paid Fire Departments”
All this, from a man who wants to do for America, what he has done for Texas.