Sep 24, 2011

Class Warfare In America...But, By Who?

 by RF Schatten

It's remarkable, how the Republican Party can turn “Words” to fit almost any situation they have...and make it sound as if they are the “Victims” of all social ills.
The President, recently announced that the upper 1% and 2% should pay their fair share in Taxes. Is it, that much of a crime, for the wealthiest Americans to pay a larger percentage in Taxes, than a Middle Class or Lower Class individual?

On March 5th, 2011...Michael Moore gave a speech, and said...that there are 400 individuals in the United States today, that have more wealth, in combined Cash, Stock, and Property...than the assets of 155 Million Americans COMBINED!!! Those facts have been disputed by the GOP, but has been “Verified” as True, by Politifact's Truth-O-Meter. 400 individuals, crying that they should not have to pay their fair share in Taxes...because it would “Hurt Them” Bill O'Reilly stated...he may even have to quit his show!!! There is one Billionaire though, that believes, he should pay more in taxes than his maid...but, Warren Buffett is not a Republican...instead, he is a decent and honest human being.

And this, is not new...Dave Johnson, a Fellow at the Commonweal Institute, said that in 2007, the combined net worth of the 400 wealthiest Americans, as measured by Forbes Magazine, was $1.5 trillion; and the combined net worth of the poorer 50 percent of American households was $1.6 trillion.

But, the GOP and Tea Party is singing a different tune...BLAME EVERYTHING, all the Social Ills of this Country, all the Economic Ills in America, to the Working Class and the Poor. The GOP Presidential Candidates are saying it (with the exception of Jon Huntsman), the GOP Leadership, the Tea Party...naturally...blame the Poor and the Working Class. FOX News a citing that if the Poor can afford to buy a TV and a Refrigerator, why do they complain about not having money?? That is pure Cynicism! The worst, most blatant acts of Bigotry in US History.

Now, they're accusing Barack Obama and the Democrats of “Class Warfare” because he wants...and the Majority of the Nation wants...that the Wealthiest Americans pay their Fair Share. This, while very openly attacking the Poor and the Working Class of Ad hominem, Labeling, Name Calling, Stereotyping, Appealing to Prejudice, and other means of Bigotry and Racism. Hypocrisy in Action!! Who really is promoting “Class Warfare”?

The Definition of Class Warfare is: A Conflict between Social or Economic Classes (especially between the Capitalist and Proletariat [Lower and Working] Classes). Throughout the 19th and 20th Century, Class Warfare has been associated with Socialism and Communism...Hitler used it on his People...but you never see or hear the Right, ever say that. Now the Right, and all Social Conservatives are vehemently denying that they would ever do that, through one side of their face...while, with the other side of their face...blaming the Dems of doing's not surprising that they are 2 Faced, so they can protect “their” pocketbooks.
How can they increase Taxes on their Benefactors?...Everything is the fault of the Poor, the Gays, the Liberals!!...those damn Commie Bastards!!
The Republicans??? why! they are the Party of God...Family Values, Morality, Goodness, Purity, Patriotism, God Bless America!!...and if the Dems don't agree with us? “LET THEM ALL DIE!!”