Sep 19, 2011

The Blame Game

by RF Schatten

All you hear today, is...who is to blame for all the ills that is facing this Country?
Social Conservatives blame the Poor, and the Middle Class...Progressives and Liberals blame Obama, and the GOP Congress.

While talking to some friends on Facebook, it really struck me, how Progressives, feel so frustrated with all these issues...The Economy, The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, The Social Conservatives' Anti-Gay agenda, The Immigration Issue, The Healthcare situation, controversies over Evolution, Creationism...and Science!!...and so many more. Very few, though...are willing to see who really, is to blame.
So, since someone had to do it, I came out with my opinion on who is:

No one is to blame on what is happening today, more than the Progressives and the Liberals...we elected someone, but cannot understand whatever is going inside his mind. No one has taken over a Presidency with so many problems ahead of Barack Obama economy that has been doomed, since Ronald Reagan started changing the entire Economic structure in 1981...George I, was right...Voodoo Economics; it's all Smoke and Illusion! Then 2 Wars at the same time, and during a time when Social Change was evolving, both Conservative and Liberal...throughout this Nation.

If that wasn't bad enough...he happened to be the wrong Flavor...elected by people who didn't care about what Color a man is. But, Social Conservatism, only likes Vanilla! All this, has given the American Right Wing Movement and specially the John Birch Society, the opportunity to spread their wings...something that has been in the works for many years, but, never has had the opportunity till now...allowing Racism, Bigotry, Hate, and Fear to flourish...after being dormant for so many years. Being President is not an easy Job...specially when you have people wanting to make it as hard as possible to accomplish anything...people who are pissed, because they believe he should be "Serving" them, and going out the back door...instead of being "their" Superior...their Boss...and placing the Red Carpet, while opening the front door for him.

We have to have think Reality...and try to understand what he is doing...because as much as we don't like's more, and better than what the opposition really, deeply wants to do. And if anyone wants to criticize Obama, or criticize the GOP/Tea Bags...then they better start criticizing allowing this Radical Fringe, the take over of House of Representatives, and causing the President to have to play their games...just to keep the Country from completely collapsing. We, Progressives and Liberals alike, did not Vote, or Voted for someone it a “protest vote”, if you like, but we didn't try to stop the GOP or The Tea Party from winning in November, 2011. Don't blame the Republican Voters...lets blame ourselves.