Jun 29, 2016

Trump's Predicament: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

 By RF Schatten

 Donald Trump's trigger happy Twitter Trolling has gone rather silent...while continuing his Troll attacks on Clinton and Warren...the Donald is doing his hardest to ignore the question on "Abortion". It's like saying; if I don't mention it, no one will care what I think cause I'm The Donald!

Getting caught in blatant outright lies is the norm for the Trump for President Campaign, but this time truly he's between a rock and a hard place...for the first time the Trumpster is going to have to come out publicly and take a firm stance, without dismissing it or blaming Clinton, Warren, Sanders, Obama, or Muslim Terrorists!

Donald's biggest flaw? he's not a politico...and as his 'new' Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort said;  "We have a candidate who doesn’t need to figure out what’s going on in order to say what he wants to do". In other words, Trump is a Clueless human being, a bad Amateur playing in the big leagues who's never learned the 1st law in Politics 101..."remember what you say, and to whom you said it to"
When he speaks to Right Wing Conservative groups and spews his horseshit sales schpiel of being a "Born-Again Christian", and promises to nominate "Anti-Abortion Judges Only" if elected President. He better remember what he said, cause being formerly a Pro-Choice advocate, and not backing those Conservatives "Values" after the Supreme Court struck down Texas' Abortion Law...is he still favoring Women's Abortion Rights?...he better come out with the right BS answer, cause his core of support doesn't believe Women should have any rights, whatsoever!

A creepy Chauvinistic Misogynist...a man who has no morals, no scruples, and no values! A Xenophobe, except when it comes to his wives! A professional philanderer and man about town who cheats on Wife #1 with future Wife #2 and so on...believes while married, he has all the legal right to Rape his Wives!...ever since he was found not guilty of raping Ivana on his argument that there's "No Such Thing as Marital Rape"!

What values does Donald Trump have other than what's good to Donald Trump? He has openly degraded the Black Community as lazy and criminals, the Hispanic Community as rapists and drug attics, the Muslim Community as Terrorists...anyone who's Pro-Black, Pro-Latino, or ProMuslim, and now Native Americans....do not belong in a Lilly White Fascist America! He publicly mocks the Disabled, disrespects Foreign Leaders, members of his own Party, and believes the Press should not have their Freedom unless they write favorably about him? And Women?? What sector of the population does Don still has left? ahh well, Donald Trump is just a lIttle man...a little coward of a man!

A Republican Party endorsing Trump's Anti-Intellectualism and Anti-Feminism causes publicly and in its Platform?...they have absolutely nothing to offer! After eight or so years fruitlessly obstructing Obama from getting anything done...they've never spent enough time developing good fresh national political faces for the Party, one that can possibly take the White House some day! The GOP? hoping for a miracle before arriving in Cleveland.

In a year that the Abortion issue has dramatically resurfaced just months before a new President is elected...at a time when the vast majority of the United States favors Pro-Choice, the Republicans only viable threat and hope is Anti-Feminist Donald Trump?!?!
And in a year that the Democratic Party has the strongest Pro-Choice and Pro-Women candidate(s) in US Political History? The possibility of an all Female Tag Team ticket versus the Trumpster and his mystery partner...whomever the Republicans can pay-off enough to run alongside Le Grande Orange. An intriguing situation...and an old question since August 18th,1920...can a Woman ever become President (or) Vice President of the United States?

A Clinton/Warren ticket...whether it would happen or not...would be a natural rivalry! The one thing that irks Trump more than anything else on this earth is being questioned on his self-proclaimed Busines acumen and his history of infidelity, his bullying of Women...and especially in competition with women! With Clinton and Warren going at him, like no one has ever done before? Nothing gets under the Trumpster's skin more than an annoying Female telling him that even with all his money, he still basically sucks as a man...and no one more than the one-two punch of Hillary and Elizabeth could cause such devastating blow to this gynephobe egocentric's ego!   

It took Women's Suffrage 30 years or so to get the Women's Right to Vote...it looks like it's gonna take 96 years for a Woman President to show how a woman can do the job as well, or better than a man...unless that political aberration known as Don the Con, can con enough people to pull off the miracle that America...and probably Trump himself, don't want!

Donald Trump's Silence On SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Angers Conservatives