Jun 12, 2016

Dumbo's Mundo Bizarro...Chaos inside the GOP

  By RF Schatten

Welcome to Dumbo's Mundo Bizarro...yes! the Republicans are indeed in a very bizarre situation, as CNN's Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin says.

To endorse, or not to endorse...that 'is' the question the GOP's Upper Echelon are asking themselves nowadays...in between taking a couple of shots of Maalox, now and then...it's the worst of times for old school Republicans. It's pretty much the 'End' of another era for the "Party of Lincoln", as all the heights and highlights of the Grand Old Party as we know it, are becoming a distant memory.

Let's start with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and his regrettably lame endorsement of Donald Trump...Republicans got to unite behind our nominee! Lame enough?? It's hard to unify under Trump, but it's harder to separate themselves from the GOP. Elections are always about beating their archenemy, the Democrats, at any cost and for no matter the reason...as is for Democrats when they go after Republicans.
But, it's also hard to support a candidate that keeps attacking his own Party, the GOP in general...plus everyone in Congress...so, how long will these resentful supporters keep supporting him?

Supporters: The line-up for this cast of usual suspects began with another bully right from across the Hudson, Chris Christie! That, followed by a Medical "Professor" and Pioneer Brain Surgeon who makes real good money in Medicine, but claims not to believe in Medical Science? Mr. Excitement, Ben Carson! And the Witch of Silicon Valley, Ex-Hewlett Packard CEO, and another Political loser x2, Carly Fiorina!...and what Clown Show can go without the Republican's very own crowned Queen of batshit stupidity?...Sarah Palin!

But his real support ends pretty much there...Trump got another lame endorsement, this time from Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, though that appears headed in another direction...in another of the long list of un-endorsements, after the latest barrage of Trump Horseshit thrown at someone who previously endorsed him. This time, when Ryan disagreed with Trump about his "Textbook Definition of a Racist".
While the show continues; every day more talks of un-endorsements, non-endorsements, of platform fights and more...can the GOP endorse someone's run for the Presidency, and endorse a sociopath, and his platform of shutting down the Free Press, complete Absolute Power, encouragement of Mob Violence, Hate, Fear, Bigotry, and Racism? You can't say anything negative about Heir Donald, either...or he'll drive you to drink with his wrath of insults on Twitter!...and from his following, too!
And it's becoming quite clear by the day that Trump forces including his select group of White Supremacists plan to fight for their platform at any cost...and as Toobin said;  "It's going to be a lot better story than any Political Convention I have ever attended"!

The list of non-supporters? Start with Former President George W Bush, Jeb "Can Fix It" Bush and Former President George HW Bush, who's worked with Bill Clinton in Clinton's emergency relief projects.
Let's continue with the Party's last nominee, Mitt Romney...who publicly calls Trump, a Phony, a Con Artist, and a Fraud! US Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) said there's absolutely no way he will support the Trumpster. Senator Ben Sasse (NE), Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol, Former Gov. Tom Ridge, Former Florida Gov. Mel Martinez...and the most intriguing one of them all...Former NJ Governor and EPA Administrator under George W Bush, Christine Todd Whitman...she's Voting for Hillary!

The question is; will the GOP man up and battle the Trump Train? Or will they accept the Trumpster and let all the anger just be water under the bridge?
If Trump loses...besides going apeshit berserk and stark raving looney...will he start a Walkout a la Strom Thurmond & his supporters' famed Walkabout, straight out of the 1947 Democratic Convention?
A Trump Walkout? how about a GOP Walkout on Trump!?!? that would make it much more symbolic of how they feel about this "Apprentice"!...it would embarrass the hell out of Le Grande Orange and piss him off, just when he needs to be most Professional! That alone would definitely make quite a story:  A Political Party of Conservative Values, taken over by ignorantly stupid Extreme Right Wing White Nationalists trash...with their ultimate hero, Donald Trump leading them and Making 'White America', Great Again!

What's going to happen at Mundo Bizarro 2016 AKA Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland July 18th - 21st? In Toobin's words; "Beats the Hell out of Me"! It's going to be very interesting to see how the GOP and the RNC handles a super egotistical, power-hungry, and confident Trump?...and how they handle his ever-loving legion of fanatic Fascist followers? And I will continue to keep saying; the City of Cleveland deserves something way much better!

All I can say is, it could not have happened to a better and finer group of (un)concerned degenerate Politicos, and it could not have come at any better and opportune time...Ringling Brothers are retiring all their Dumbos!...isn't it about time this old White Elephant retires, too?

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