Jun 26, 2016

Donald's Concerns?...Trump's America's Concerns!

 By RF Schatten

"I respect the decision made by the people of the United Kingdom,"...that's the official political sound-byte from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the Democratic Party. The GOP? A sort of mix reviews by Trump and anti-Trump aficionados, but the official Statement from the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan?..."I respect the decision made by the people of the United Kingdom"! I wonder if everyone just read the same pass around script?

While real professionals from Politicos to Business to Academia are watching closely and cautiously the events transpiring between Great Britain and the European Union...and the uncertainty of the future of their economy, and that of rest of the world's...no one else on this God's earth but Donald Trump can say at a time like this; "If the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly!!"
By the way!...Turnberry is the new Trump Golf Resort that he's currently inaugurating and doing his own PR shtick while congratulating himself for the "wonderful" facility in Scotland!

Very Presidential...isn't he? His concern for America appears non-existent while he gloats away on his newest facility  He's going to be the first President in US History to spend his entire career in office doing Ribbon Cutting Photo-ops for all his Trump enterprises!...now, that's Presidential!?!?

His heartfelt concern for the American People? It's not even on his horizon...it's more like his heartfelt concern on making a financial killing, scamming more creditors and ripping them off during another of his Bankruptcy maneuvers. "I've taken advantage of the laws of this country, like other people"....the fact: today's Average Joe will declare bankruptcy cause he's truly in financial despair is morally right to file a petition. It's an advantage the Govt. gives you to be able to start your life over again!

But a Billionaire who uses legal technical maneuvers to find ways of getting what he really wants...getting out of obligations scot free, not paying off his creditors like in Atlantic City, and writing off all his problems as a big Tax Losses. "I take advantage of the laws of this country"? Yes, he does...but loving all those uneducated people sure helps his cause and his career!

While Congress, from both sides of the aisles...and in a bi-partisan stance...believe in the concerns of the American Constituent, the presumptive Nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, is enjoying his opening day festivities in Grand Style and promoting yet another "wonderful" "beautiful" and "enormous" Trump Golf Resort. Why would he worry? "If the Pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry"...and naturally, play Golf and spend a pretty penny at his "Fabulous" Resort!

"Just arrived in Scotland. The Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back"!!...ahhyup! reminds me of the saying; It's better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool...then to speak up and remove all doubts.  Le Grande Orange doesn't have to remain silent, his big fat mouth exposed this fool, long time ago!

A person, who even while exercising his right to run for a very serious and civil office as President of the United States, takes off and galavant's his way to Scotland for another ribbon cutting opening of a resort...and while there, hears the news about the Brexit Vote. Without any concern for those who he calls his constituents...or the far majority of the Country that are not...the first words out of his derrière was; the Scots took back their Country!
With all due respect to whoever taught Don the Con how to think!...Scotland voted overwhelmingly to "Remain" in the EU!...and no! they didn't "take back their Country" they're still part of Great Britain!  And this goofball says he's the smartest mind on earth with the greatest memory in the planet...and doesn't need Policies to run this Country?!?!

When you're President of the United States and you respect much more your personal self-interests ahead of the interests of a Country, just shows the "realDonaldTrump"...his huge total lack of respect for others, his indifference to anybody else except himself, his disdain for the common man...whether a Democrat or Republican or Independent, he's not your friend or your ally...unless he can use you!  A greedy little shit who doesn't want or need anybody cause he can do it all by himself...and also, keep those campaign funds all for himself, too! His paid National Campaign Staff is less than 100 people!...naturally, that's more money for The Donald!

Can Trump win the hearts and mind of the American Voters? In normal conditions, No! But this is not your normal every day National Election!...Trump can conceivably win. A split in the Republican Party usually will hurt them, but with a split brewing in the Democratic side too? Anything can happen, and with neither Party totally enamored with their presumptive candidate, both sides are talking about voting their idealistic "conscience"!

The "Conscientious Voter" got Nixon elected...thank you, Gene McCarthy! and got George W elected...thanks, Ralph Nader! A little pragmatic thinking...just a little common sense...would've been enough to stop both, Dubya and Dick Nixon...a little logic and common sense can stop the Trumpster, too! The question is; How much common sense, logic, and critical thinking does the American Electorate still have??

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