Jun 5, 2016

Trump's Business Model: The Sleaze of Used Car Salesmen

By RF Schatten

"I'm a fantastic businessman!...look at all my successful companies!" How about; Oops! hey! I didn't do nothing!...I'm just a Legitimate Businessman!

Successful companies? To Trump's loyal legion of morons who will excuse him from the same standards they apply to others...it's no problem to them that he's a fraud, a liar, and an obnoxious degenerate bully...they just want to hear all those wonderful words of Fear and Hate that spew out of this Demagogue's filthy mouth and mind.

He didn't just bullshit the Nation about raising all this money for his 'now' beloved Veterans...he blatantly lied, got caught, and had to write a check out for the $6 Million Dollars he never raised. His disrespect for Vets has sure changed now that he needs those Votes...this thin-skinned coward of a man, who passes himself off as a tough Macho Man sort of guy, a 'fabulous' lady's man whose women are flocking all over him, cause they're just too irresistibly attracted to his spray-tanned orange idiot looks! 
This great man like another great piece of work, Dick Cheney, has something very much in common besides being the sack of manure they both are....Trump, like Chaney, got multiple deferments from serving in Vietnam...in the Trumpster's case? Four, count them, 4 big deferments!
Ahh yup! after all that intensively tough and exhausted training in "Military School", that sets him up as an expert on all Military Affairs and Military Strategy...the Donald went to College, and like Cheney...got deferments after deferments. Finally on his last deferment, he got a 4-F for Medical Reasons...could be he's "Temperamentally Unfit" to associate with society?!?!

Warren is right! Donald Trump certainly is a Sleazy Used Car Salesman running a sleazy con game with people's lives. Trump promotes the targeting of poor people and the poorly educated and sell their shpiel of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for the highest price possible. The con of taking your money while promising them the world of success...until they realize they've been the victims of a slick con job.

It's all one big Lie! as those who worked there said. A staff of "Professors" who turned out to be a staff of unqualified instructors, also known as phone sales professionals who used high-pressure tactics, used deceptive claims and exploited the vulnerability of the elderly and young students out of thousands of dollars. A phony corporation raking in as much as they could...and now facing counts of 1) Unfair Business Practice, 2) False Advertising in a school with no school accreditation. 3) Fraudulent Business Practice 4) Violating the Financial Elder Abuse statute...which is a crime in the Sunshine State as well as in the Golden State. And customers didn't even get a School Banner!

Of course, Trump wants a different Judge!...using the excuse of conflict of interest cause he's anti-latino, and delay his trial...hopefully, till after the Elections.

All of Trump's successes: How about the success of Trump Stakes? Nah! couldn't even get the USDA stamp of Approval...with all the lousy cuts of meats you see at the grocery store that are USDA Certified...how bad can the quality of his stakes be that USDA refused to Certify it?? Does this sound as sleazy and shady as good ol' Trump U?

How about the success all the Trump Hotels and Casinos? Ahh nope! 4 Casinos went bankrupt 4 times each...how many Casinos in the world ever lost money and go bankrupt? A reason why the State of Nevada refused to give a Gambling License to the Trump Hotel, Las Vegas...they learned their lesson from Trump's adventure in Atlantic City! And his Hotel Empire? all the Trump Hotels together, have lost $1.7 Billion Dollars in the last 15years!...going bankrupt twice on each separately in 2004 and 2009. And moreover, he personally owes between $100-$295 Million Dollars in personal loan debts to Deutch Bank in Germany!!

Success, Success...let's see one of his successes! How about Trump Wine? or Trump Restaurants? or Trump Jets? or Trump Books? or Trump Drinks?...not one of his ventures has ever succeeded. In the FEC's disclosure form, Donald Trump is listed as President and/or CEO of 515 listed entities, 268 of them...52%...contain his last name and don’t clearly reference someone else, like another Trump. And rumors still persist that he doesn't pay taxes, and just makes enough to live on all his Horseshit and Inheritance!!

Yup! when he screwed up and thanked his supporters in Nevada...he did clearly say how much he loves the Poor and "Uneducated People"!...just as much as a sleazy used car salesman out to screw the daylights of their prey. And he wants to Make America Great Again?...just like he did with all his successful businesses!!

Warren: Trump University 'was like a used car dealership' | TheHill