May 6, 2017

The Indiscreet Essence of Indifference & Immorality

By RF Schatten

Oh! the Glory Days of American Oligarchy! long will this Cocktail Party continue to last? It can end with the next "Scandal", or it can last Forever!...again, it all comes down to one incredibly simple thing; how much do We, the People are willing to put up with before we say...You're Fired?!?!

Passing their phony "Repeal and Replace" Healthcare Bill, wasn't much of a saves face for Trump and the Morons behind it, gives Ryan a much needed passing grade from his continuously antsy aficionados, and now shuffle it off to the Senate for the Bill to once again; Die in committee!! As several Senate Republicans already are publicly admitting, it's Dead on Arrival! 

Trump and the GOP control all 3 Branches of Government: Executive, Legislative, and now, Judicial. If bills can't get passed successfully, not just through the House, but also through the Upper House?...Trump can't blame the Dems or his's his failures as Leader of his Party! It's his job to use his leadership to get those votes in-line behind the cause!...Republicans still hold Majority, don't they? So, how hard can it be??

It's amazing to see the openly rampant corruption, extortion, and graft at the highest level of least, never in my lifetime...not in this Country! Looks like a lot of People are not sure what to think either...but, Travel around and you'll find the foreign versions of Trumpism! It's Kleptocracy at its zenith!...and it's always! always! accompanied by Decadence! down to its filthiest lowest level, possible! Yes! it's no surprise our President is; "President Pussy Grabber".

A man of such high degenerate moral value, selling our Nation wholesale! Giving away our Healthcare? who needs it? He's fully Insured, his family, and so are his cronies, and especially taxpayers' expense! That's all they really care for...screw the public, cause all the Gold at Ft. Knox, is never going to be enough!
Our Environment? The deregulation of the polluted infestations of our Cities, in our "toxic Water", and the imminent destruction of our land as it now well as our whole Planet! Trump & Associates can see it all rot and burn, from high atop Trump's Golden Tower, while drinking clean "Nestle" Water!
Our Education? For those "fortunate enough"!...the rest of America's kids? you're on your own! The least Education the better! cause Heir Führer loves those Uneducated & Undereducated People!...ignorance is outrageously bliss in Trumpworld!
Do I need to go on? It's no secret around the world, except probably here in America!...the American people are getting screwed over by a whole pile of ignorance, played out by an incompetent illegitimate President!

For Donald Trump, is all about the $$$...the more the better, and absolutely nothing else...Grant each Cabinet Billionaire's dream Wish to tear down their respective Depts ...for the Right Price, naturally! Chiching!!
Donald Trump is "palm-greasing" so much dirty money, sooner rather than later, it's going to have to be laundered, fast! And now, that yet 'another' scandal is brewing?...this time involving; Trump, Russia, Deutsche Bank, and lots of Money-Laundering! Unbelievable! Why can't this man just ever keep his 'Little Hands' clean and away from scandals?

Besides Donald Trump's indifference and open disregard for Human Rights...why is the GOP so indifferent about the poor, about the sick, about the old, and about the handicapped? Can someone tell me? And what's the excuse for the indifference, the disrespect, and the poor treatment towards Veterans?
Why do they want to stop funding "Meals-on-Wheels"?  Don't they care about Senior Citizens or the Handicapped going hungry? And why do they want to stop School Breakfast & Lunch Programs that feed over 30 Million poor disadvantaged kids, daily? All the Filth and Immorality of cutting off Nutritional Programs for Kids!! Disgusting, just Disgusting!! 

The most repulsive, obscene, deeply immoral, and WTF moment type of answer?? Why are those cuts needed? according to WH Budget Director Mick Mulvaney; "They're not turning a profit"! What? What?? Yes, folks! it's that moment...WTF?!?!
WOW! American Oligarchy's Bromance with Life under Trumpism!...We, the People are now just a Commodity to our Government! How marvelously Fascist! 

24 Million off the rolls immediately, and all the multi-millions with pre-existing conditions? in line, take a number! As a GOP congressman said; "If you can't afford it here...move to another State that'll help you"! In any other words?...go f**k yourself! Die, or move somewhere else!
So the Trump Administration looks to its Citizenry as Monetary Commodities, while exhibiting a notable lack of empathy, compassion, and respect, on the least fortunate in our society...there's nothing Noble, Decent or Honorable about this disrespectful 70 yrs. old spoiled rich baby!

Seriously, from someone whose been on both sides of the Healthcare Practitioner, and as's alarming to see the disgraceful attitude and disrespect from Republican lawmakers towards Healthcare and its Hippocratic Oath. The excuse for cutting medical costs, fair pharmaceutical costs, cutting nursing staffs...all the same GOP horseshit excuses again and again!...always, to divert funds away from those who need them, to those who have too much, but it's never enough.

Republicans and their messiah, Orange Julius, need to spend a few days in a hospital...see and experience the non-fiction world they Legislate...but, stay away blind from its reality.  See the tragedies, the heartaches, cry and talk with the families whose Son, Daughter, Mom, or Dad is in critical condition, but with the lack of finances is doomed to die! Face that Family, Mr. Senator! or Mr. Congressmen! Face that Family, look at them straight in the eyes and tell them they don't need Health Coverage! cause it's not cost-effective and it's not turning a profit!  And it's better for them, just to let their loved ones die!
Just remember Mr. Trump, even 'you' will someday be a GOMER!...with your love for Healthcare? that'll probably be your Karma! Hospitals love Gomers!...they'll love you!
The problem? Donald Trump and the GOP are spineless cowards who habitually lie to cover their overwhelming deficiencies as Honorable and Respectable Businessmen and Politicos.
Congratulating themselves with an after-vote Beer fest?!?! Congratulating themselves for kicking 24 Million people off their Healthcare coverage? 24 Million People left to die!! And the Millions more with Pre-existing conditions? F**k you and Die, too!!

America!! Wake up! and smell the coffee! our enemy is not half-way around the world!...our enemies are sitting in Washington DC, and 'you' put them there! Indecent and Immoral Degenerates that call themselves Republicans! Compassionless American traitors who will stoop to the lowest gutter and sell their Country away to Russian Oligarchs, as long they can screw their fellow Americans of every dollar and every penny they have, first!

Why don't they give a damn? It's not them or their children that are affected...they got the best available Medicine at their disposal, without ever paying a dime!...We, the people are just too stupid! and remain stupid by paying for their Healthcare!
Irony or Stupidity? We pay, out of our own hard earned money in taxes, for our politicians' "Top of the Line" Healthcare Insurance Packages, while we can't even afford to have our own???...sorry! but there's something wrong with 'that' picture!

And when all is said and done; 24 Million, plus the Millions more with Pre-existing conditions are going to be screwed over through political Graft by a compassionless degenerate, who calls himself a President...which, in return for Politically Prostituting himself, for the Right Price...turned those Millions off the rolls into a massive $600+ Billion Dollar Tax Cut, exclusively for the Richest 1% in America!!!

The Pathetic lows the GOP has traveled in recent years...the exploitation of those educationally vulnerable, and the coming of their
"Superstar", their perfect Snake Oil Salesman. A marriage made where all the participants will someday meet Hell!

Karma Sucks! Especially for Trump's hardcore of fanatic fools!...they fought and yelled at the GOP to repeal a Black Man's Legacy!
Ahhyup! In typical moronic Trump fashion; They cheered the GOP for ending Healthcare...and thus, also taking away their own Coverage!! Yes! these morons, actually Celebrated their own Loss of Coverage! 
Well, I guess in Trumpworld...until America becomes Great Again?...our Country's Motto will remain; "Stupid Is As Stupid Does"!! 

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