May 30, 2017

Little Donald's Madcap Foreign Adventure

By RF Schatten

Donald Trump, illegitimate President, and wannabe a fraud! From his Monetary Status to his personal "Awesome" Intellectual Mind, to his Big Man Bully Persona...this little man just doesn't have it, he lacks what it takes to become the real man he wants to be!
Diplomacy? You must be kidding!! This 'is' The Donald we're speaking about!...Diplomacy in this trip?? Umm, let's follow the Trump Itinerary.

**Greetings! from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia..."Melania won't hold my tiny little hands. Sad"
A President with no Cojones...a tough guy persona at Home against Muslims, their Religion, and their abuses towards their own citizens. But when Away, President Pussy Grabber turns into a real little pussy! sticking his little yellow tail between his legs and never making a case for Human Rights. A case against one of the biggest abusers of Human Rights, and exporters of Terrorism in the World!!

But, with the Saudis being our just turn your back, by-pass any mention of Human Rights, and go straight ahead and sell them $110 Billion in US Arms, naturally at the American Taxpayers' expense, and not even authorized by Congress! Illegally selling arms? and were they from companies that Donny Boy owns stock in? Like the 59 Tomahawks made by Raytheon...where his stocks made a financial killing! Does it matter? Not with the New Russian Republican Party!...SCREW Human Rights! SCREW Feeding Kids, and the Elderly? SCREW them too! It's all about Male Whiteness, Class Status, and their addicting Scent of Money!
Like the $100 million Saudi Bribe, laundered as a "Charity Donation" that Ivanka accepted for her newest Foundation...a Foundation that still, doesn't even legally exist?!?!
Yes! sweet little Ivanka's business acumen is as tainted as the rest of the Family Trump Trump's all about how much can they steal from people less fortunate, that can't defend themselves! In the Saudi's case, it's about Rich People demanding their promised actions for their "Donations"! Again, more Conflicts of Interests!...but, does anyone in the GOP have the backbone to even really give a damn??

$110 Billion Dollars!...where in the Budget, is "that" money going to come from?...what entitlements are going to get chopped, to fit Trump's latest awesome deal of his? And after his massive Tax Cuts planned for the Rich? America! if you enjoy getting royally screwed by this Snake Oil Charlatan, in one way or all means, proceed!
What's really seriously crazy, is that they will seriously line up to get screwed of everything in their lives, all to follow their beloved Führer! Donald Trump does prove one thing about America, and 'his' own little world;  Ignorance is "Awesomely" Bliss!

**Hi! just arrived in Israel from the Middle East... "she still won't hold my little hands. Very Sad"
The Welcoming Party? a very pissed off Israeli Parliament and assorted Government officials! Not only did Donald blow the whistle on classified info about Israel's covert operations' inside ISIS to the Russians, he put their agent in a dangerously risky situation!...and then goes out, and makes a deal with Israel's natural enemy, Saudi Arabia...for $Billions$ in Arms?!?!

At a joint press conference with Trump and Netanyahu, instead of your standard Diplomatic Briefings, Trump insisted on continuing his attacks on those who said, he told the Russians about Israel's Mossad "Asset"; “Just so you understand!...I never mentioned the word or the name 'Israel' in conversation". Never mentioned it”! Well, Donny! if you never did? sure confirmed it now!!! Netanyahu's expression of WTF did this man just say? A 10 on the Anderson Cooper Eye-roll scale!

That need for the ever-present "Spotlight" will become his downfall. Just remember! putting aside Trump's High IQ facade... good old Dad paid for his College, you really can't expect much in the form of natural intelligence from this President!

He did get to do what he came for. A foolish romp around Jerusalem, going to the West Wall and standing there...not knowing what for?...but still standing there, anyhow! It was the perfect time for his most important Presidential agenda...the ever present photo-op. Nothing, not even WWIII, is more important to the Trumpster than the Camera & the Spotlight!

**Greetings! to Rome, Italy..."great Italian Food! but where the Romans"?
Pope Francis did not appear too amused in meeting Donald and the Family Trump...rarely a smile, or any of his famous grin.
But! officially, the Creepiest Looking Photo-op of the entire Trip took place in the Vatican: Melania and Ivanka, dressed like 2 Widows standing somber side by side, appeared more to look like the Twin Girls down the hall in "The Shining". Donald Trump? Standing next to his wife, looking like Nicholson with 'that' same creepy smile. And on the other side of the Trumpster? Pope Francis...with an even more somberly look. The expression on his face tells it all...Oh! God, why me??

It must have been frustrating to talk to a man with a mind span of 140 characters....and worse, talk to a man in an intelligent conversation about every single subject, he publicly opposes. Trump's remark about the meeting? "Fantastic" dialogue between the two!
A Vatican Statement said; Talks included Healthcare, Education, and Assistance for Immigrants, as well as the "Promotion of Peace in the World through Political Negotiation and Interreligious Dialogue".
In Trump's AM Tweet, he states; "I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to Pursue Peace in the World". 
How sincere is Trump?...yea, sure! don't acquire "Sincerity" all of a sudden, after 70 years being a scumbag, not with a lifetime of Lies and Falsehoods! Anything is possible...but, don't sit and wait...remember, it's the Donald.

**Welcome! from Brussels, Belgium... "all that great awesome Chocolate! what's another pound or two more?"
The 2017 annual meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was not destined to be your usual NATO Diplomatic Affair. This year King Donald, joined by Presidents and Foreign Ministers, took the center stage Spotlight and went straight into his campaign mode tirade, the same rhetoric about who pays what, and some countries not paying their equal share! Generally insulting our Allies, Diplomacy in the Trump Administration pretty much has hit rock bottom! The sewer stench of Gutter Politics by an Immoral President is spreading like wildfire. 100+ days in office, he has embarrassed America in front of the world over 100+ times.

You'd think he would learn? but he's just a spoiled rich brat who never understood why he wasn't always the center of attention.
At the ripe old age of 70, at these meetings...he's shown off all his famed Rudeness and Disrespectful bully ways like no one else can. His disrespectful shoving of Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro?...running up and pushing people aside like a spoiled little kid, to get in front of everyone and get his picture taken! any other words, it was a disgraceful and disrespectful behavior, especially from a grown man who is supposed to be civilized and represents 350 million people!
But Karma stung him right back in the arse, with French President Emmanuel Macron's masterful handshake swerve off...away from the Trumpster, to kiss Angela Merkel, shake her hand, and a couple of others before Trump.  

**Benvenuto! from Taormina, Sicily ..."Hey! did you know the Sicilians have a Mob? Wow! I thought all Mobsters were Russians and live next door at my Awesome Trump Towers"!
What can go wrong at the G7 Summit Meetings? may sound stupid...but what can go wrong? They all agreed to continue with their Climate Initiative...whether or not Trump, stays in or leaves.
Most of the Foreign Leaders at this summit arrived from the NATO Meetings, earlier. What Trump has done is unite precisely those Countries, Putin wants to destabilize...especially France & Germany, and the rise of Right-Wing Nationalism in those countries. Angela Merkel has risen as the New Leader of the Free World...with Macron and Trudeau up there, highly recognized. While America...thank you,  Donny!...has given up 'that' Leadership Role! Merkel sadly said; the United States cannot be Trusted, anymore!  
And with Trump still on the Guest now...all the Leaders were probably wondering what absurdity he's going to do or say in this Country!

Absurdities in Sicily? by Donald Trump?...really! didn't you expect any? He made every Leader wait for him, more than a few minutes, so they can get the Official G7 2017 Group Photo ...the need to make "The Entrance" in front of all the spotlights, is what he lives for!
Then, the really lazy scumbag inside Donald Trump came bursting out! When the Group took to a walk in the Streets of Taormina, they all walked together, sort of unified (Good PR)...all except, Donald Trump! Why? cause he's Donald Trump! Yes! it's true...while everyone walked, the Donald took his big lazy ass and rode a Golf Cart!! Too tired? Too bad, tough sh*t, and walk with everyone else!...that's what you get for being President!...and having High Blood Pressure!!

Yes! a blabbering idiot that calls himself President. Donald Trump needs to be taken seriously, cause, with all the joking aside...the man is a serious psychopath, a threat to this Nation, and a threat to the rest of the World! A Business and Political Whore who for the right prize, will do any outrageous thing...imaginable or unimaginable! NO!! Donald J Trump doesn't deserve anyone's respect, whatsoever!
 "The Resistance" is stronger than he ever expected! If he wants to remain, President, he's going to have to 'earn' that respect from We, the People!...but really, will that ever happen?..."Respect" has never, ever been part of his Family's vocabulary!

Now, it's all over and the Family Trump is back home, but not to a quiet rest...back to the reality show called Trumpgate, and now starring Jared Kushner, too! Yes! back to the ever continuing thoughts and of the very real possibilities of Him, more than half of his Cabinet, Pence, Sessions, His entire White House Staff, and a number of others...are all going down and ending up in Federal Prison! His chances for Freedom are closing up by the day!
Lock the Trumpster with Bernie Madoff? It's an insult to Bernie! He screwed Thousands out of Millions of Dollars...Trump is screwing Millions out of Thousands of their hard earned Dollar!  And Jared?'re next!...hope you like the color, Orange!!

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