Dec 17, 2011

The New Fourth Reich

 By Darwin Phillips

I awakened this morning to a most informative and accurate portrayal of what we are indeed facing once again in this world of cycles, I must have nodded off last night with the TV on, as I woke up to Spencer Tracy and Burt Lancaster in "Judgement at Nuremberg".

I had much to do, but was captivated by the incredible cast of actors and actresses as well as the subject matter, as I watched it became blazingly clear that we are yet again deeply ensconced in the trials and tribulations of that era, in other words what was happening then is again happening now, much the same as the correlation between our War in Iraq and the Police Action that was Vietnam, It became very clear that the Nazi's of that day are here among us yet today, just as the great inspiring words of Martin Luther King, the Kennedy's, and many others survive in the hearts and minds of our people, the evil insanity of a Hitler does as well for others, we must not forget the reality of Yin and Yang, and for every action there is a reaction, Hitler is not dead !...he never died in the minds of people that subscribe to that train of thought.

I have just over 500 friends on Face Book, and I do consider each and every one of them a friend, as most of us have conversed for quite a while, and my new friends seem every bit as committed to saving this Country as do any of us, I do not do this very often but I would urge every one of you to rent, download or otherwise watch this movie, those of you that have seen it in the past, I would urge you all to see it again, it will illuminate a great deal of what is going on today 62 years later !

99 Nazis were sentenced to life, not one of them completed that sentence and some survive I'm sure, what's important here is that I began to see correlations between the Nazi mind and those that conspire against America today...nothing has changed when one takes a hard unbiased look at what the neo-conservative branch of our Government is trying so desperately to accomplish, it is abundantly clear that they have simply expanded a deep hatred for minorities to the entire middle class and the poor, to them we are all JEWS and must be exterminated, the tactics are all the very same although slightly more polished in their presentation, but make no mistake, this is all still about World Domination by the Wealthy, the Corporations, the Banks, and the new Reich !!! from this point forward I have to see the so-called "YOUNG GUNS" the "HOUSE REPUBLICANS" and all of their backers and supporters as the New Nazis of the Fourth Reich.

Everything in our existence is cyclical, there truly is nothing new under the Sun, what has been will be, and what is, shall be repeated...what we need to do is awaken and see the reality for what it is, Please get the movie and see if what it portrays hits you the same as it did me !!!...when I see The John Boehners, Mitch McConnells, Paul Ryans, Dick Armeys of this present world I can't help but see them in SS Uniforms, long Black Boots and a Swastika emblazoned or their chest, yelling zieg heil !!! the difference I see however is that this group of Nazis is by no means as intellectually astute as those that Hitler commanded, they are fragmented and ill advised, but make no mistake about how dangerous they are or can be !!!

The President should never assent to any of their demands as they have made their case blisteringly clear, and we should engage and fight them at every turn, and especially with the VOTE !!!