Oct 7, 2011

His Echos Are Being Heard...Howard Beale Lives!!

by RF Schatten

Fascinating things are happening in America...and they are happening fast!!
For the first time since the 60s, people have become inspired and motivated, in what's happening to this Nation.

It started with a little movement, called “Occupy Wall Street”...a little movement that has grown tenfold. And continues to grow...not only in New York, but all over the United States, and now...all over the World!! check out occupytogether.org ...this is real, folks!!
A movement that symbolizes the agony and frustrations of the common man. How it all began, with a minor amount of people...and how it has grown, will make these events, certainly, part of a new chapter, in US History.

What is remarkable, was that just a very few, knew of these Demonstrations. The mainstream media, for whatever absurd or sordid reason...kept it quiet from the public...Fox News, obviously kept a tied lip. Only a few brave souls, decided to report on it. Give the Internet, and Current TV's Keith Olbermann, all the credit in the world.

Now, like most peaceful demonstrations, if it's going to get the attention it deserves, something has to happen...and in this case, it did. Why? Nobody really knows...although, it would be in the interest of everybody, to ask why, and who started it. But, living in an age of high technology and communication...it didn't take long to see, when the NYPD started to Pepper Spray some young women. No one caused any problems for this to happen...it has remained extremely peaceful...but, the actions of the Police, was enough to incite more people to join in. Since then, more than 700 peaceful souls, have been arrested. Now, the Marchers are using acts of Civil Disobedience, and like all Civil Disobedience, its a means of non-violent resistance...but, like the 60s, the Night Sticks of the Police have made their presence felt...more beatings, more arrests!! They say, that if you want a protest to stop, don't piss people off...you will just make it bigger. In the case of New York...the NYPD, just made it mushroom, larger than anyone have ever expected.

Why are so many people, so infuriated...that they are willing to go out and march, to protest, to demonstrate their fillings? In Wall Street, it was simply the fact that people are fed up!!...fed up with not having enough money to buy food for their children...not having enough to buy goods for their family...not having enough to keep themselves, and their families healthy...unable to afford Medical Care for their life threatening diseases. Unable to afford good schooling, unable to afford to pay their mortgages. 400 People in this Country today, have more wealth, in combined Cash, Stock, and Property...than the assets of 155 Million Americans, combined!! The 99% are mad!! and want the 1% to pay their share in taxes...and for Corporations to stop hiding behind loopholes, and pay their Taxes, period. They want the Big Banks and Big Money, to stop ripping the public off.

And the Movement has grown...to all the other ills suffered by US Citizens...their Constitutional Rights, whether those are Immigration Rights, Civil Rights, Women Rights, Gay Rights, and every other Right under our Constitution. Factions in this Country are trying to either remove or forbid others from using...the removal of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Compensation, Union Rights, Child labor Laws, Labor Rights to all Individuals, and the Disenfranchisement of the American Voters.

People are tired! people are fed up! people are seeing how the GOP and their fanatical puppets...the Tea Party...have been all bought by the Giant Corporations, and the Conservative Rich Elite, in order to place them in power and control of the US Government, to take away “We, The People”...and replace them with “We, The Corporations”. People are fed up of watching how the Social Conservative Movement is trying to convert this nation from a true Democracy, with a variety of Social Classes...into one Ruling Class Society, run by a Theocratic Fascist Oligarchy!! or even a Plutocracy!!

People are getting tired, they are waking up to the fact, that the GOP doesn't really care about the Middle Class, or the Poor Class...they are saying so, everywhere! “Enough is Enough!!”...and in the words of Howard Beale: “I'M MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!”

Howard Beale, may have been a fictional character made up by Paddy Chayefsky...years ago, in 1976. But, what he said, could very well, be today! It's too long to write down the entire speech of “MAD AS HELL”, but look it up!! in the Internet...the complete speech is all there...and sounds like America 2011.

Yes!! this nation...Progressives, Liberals, Independents, Sensible Decent Republicans...Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, Orientals...everybody! Men and Women alike, are Echoing Howard Beale...as is, the rest of the world.

The problems in this Country, has had serious ramifications throughout the world. Everyone is looking at America...as their Lightning Rod, as we looked to the Arab Spring, for inspiration. Remarkable, how a small group of people, have mobilized, not just this Nation...but, the entire Planet.