Aug 15, 2011

A Note To The 21st Century Generation

 by David Arellanes
 At times It is hard to admit to our failure of you and your classmates. By completely missing what was happening we failed. We did tell you and your classmates exactly what you say: "If you work hard, stay focused, get good grades, go to college, graduate, then the world would be at your feet. 
Your opportunities would be endless." Well...we, your parents and teachers, at the time we were telling you this didn't realize the top 5% of the most wealthy and politically connected in this country and around the world were in the process of taking the rest of us, the working class people, for the fastest ride downhill of our entire lives.
We had no idea that they would screw everyone so they could get 95% of the cherry pie. I would apologize to you and your classmates, but now that we all know what the 5% has done, we now must fight back to put them in there place. To make the lawmakers change the laws. Some laws back to what they once were that protected our economies, and to make new laws to stop the blatant scams the "heads" of Wall Street, insurance and banking have made up to benefit themselves. We cannot change what has happened. But we can change what will happen. But, now you have to make the decision: to be or not to be part of that fight. Of that change that must come for you and your classmates, as well as future generations to come. Because if you and your classmates decide not to be involved with the fight, with the change, with the effort to stop these greedy, self-indulgent super wealthy ego maniacs, then nothing will change for the positive.
Nothing will change the so-called power these individuals try to maintain. So get pissed off. Get angry. You have every right to be, because you have worked hard just to get where you are. Our generation worked hard to get what we had attained, just to have it stolen from us after 30 - 40 or 50 years of work. So let us work together to make these changes happen. When we all work together, then they cannot stop us from making things better for all.