Aug 15, 2011

The GOP, And The Degeneration Of Their Soul

 by RF Schatten

The problem of power is how to achieve its responsible use rather than its irresponsible and indulgent use...of how to get men of power to live for the public rather than off the public.... Robert F. Kennedy.
Bobby Kennedy, was a Civil Servant, he worked “For the People”. Today, even the word “Civil Servant” is as non-existent, as “Statesman”. We have lost something terribly in America...maybe, it's that Eloquence in Political Speech, that inspires the Soul...instead, we have a constant rhetoric...that inspires Delusional Fanaticism. “Beware of False Prophets”, they say.

I grew up, when there was, a much different Republican Party...I might not have agreed with them, all the time, but I respected them. Barry Goldwater, Nelson Rockefeller, Everett Dirksen, Hugh Scott...all different, some more conservative, some more liberal...all Republicans, though. But, they were all Gentlemen, all Statesmen, and, all believed that there job, was to serve the people...they believed, in being part of the “Loyal” were the Democrats, when they were in the minority.

They understood, that, to be able to hold the power of “Advice and Consent”, meant for all Political Parties, to work together, in the spirit of Bipartisanship...with one common goal; the Welfare of our Nation. To put bickering aside, and work together. There are times, when each side, has to stand tough, for what they believe in, naturally. But there was always a common ground...and, they usually found one. They were all descent, respectful, human beings...people of Principles, of Ethical standards...with an Aura of Civility...who, worked with the other side of the aisle, and kept the Government running smoothly. Agree or disagree with them...but they were truly; The Grand Old Party.

The GOP today, has no semblance of those days. The Statesmanship, has been replaced by rude Demagoguery, Decency replaced by Indecency, Respect replaced by the highest degree. And Ethical Standards, replaced by the Unethical....Civility, is not in their vocabulary anymore. Today, the Republican Party, just doesn't care to put personal issues aside, for the good of the country...they don't care if they bring the Nation down, to achieve their selfish goals...they have even stated this, publicly!...their cynicism, goes beyond any political has become personal, spewing Hatred, Fear, Bigotry, and Racism...they may publicly say, that they are not Racists, but their actions, speak for themselves. Their Disrespect for the office of the Presidency, is the most intolerable act, in the History of this Nation. The President of the United States, is the Leader of this Country...the Leader of the Free World. There was a time, when the Office of the President, commanded a certain amount of him or not...the President is “your” leader, he's “our leader. What is said, about our current President, even in an Official capacity...shows the value of the character, that the GOP, has stooped so low. Even worse, the World is seeing it all...and, we have the gull to criticize other Nations?

This Party, along with their affiliate Tea Party, has done more to hurt this Nation, than anyone, internally, or externally, has ever done, in History. They have purposely blocked every attempt to get this Country back in it's feet, they have blocked benefits to the unemployed, using every hypocritical excuse imaginable...and humiliated those, and disrespected them, as bums, who don't want to work...while all along, hypocritically, giving themselves raises. They want to repeal legislation, allowing the Banking Industry, to continue ripping the public off...of destroying the lives of millions of people, who they, then, can control...the Snidely Whiplashes, who control your loans, your mortgages, and your life, at horrendous interest rates. The Minority Leader of the Senate, even has stated that the only agenda the GOP has, is to make sure, in the defeat of the Presidency in 2012...we are in the middle of 2011, so for the next 1.5 years, the GOP, does not intent to accomplish one solitary thing, and is literally holding this Nation Hostage, blackmailing the Citizenry, to either Vote the President out, or allow the country to destroy itself. That, in any other word, is not, just simply is pure, unadulterated Treason.

Just as despicable, is their intentions, about changing so many things, established in this Nation...about tearing and re-writing the Constitution of the United to fit their intended agenda. Even, to re-write History, to fit their way of thinking. This Country, has become a Social Class struggle...between the Moderates and Liberals of the Middle Class, and Lower Classes...and the Conservative Middle Class, along with, the Conservative Elitist Aristocracy, plus Corporate America. A Class Struggle, that all signs, show a direction towards the elimination of the Middle Class, and the formation of a Ruling Class by a Theocratic Oligarchy. The GOP no longer wants an America “Of the People”, but “Of the Elite” longer “By the People”, but “By Social Conservative America” longer “For the People”, but “For the Corporations”.

In Gandhi's 7 Deadly Sins, he mentions: Wealth without Work, Pleasure without Conscience, Science without Humanity, Knowledge without Character, Politics without Principle, Commerce without Morality, and, Worship without Sacrifice. How many of these, represents today's GOP?

The United States of America, is going through rough times. In the past, we all pulled together, pushing Politics aside...helping one another, caring for one another. Today, you have a faction in this country, who has no intentions of doing just that. The sad truth, is that the GOP today, is just plain jealous, that, after 8 years in power, from which a President, literally, sunk this Nation into such a deep economic hole...the electorate, Voted someone else, into power. That, the person they voted in, happened to be, not of the same shade, as of most of the Republican Party...and that, was just too much for them to withstand. Yes! The issue, of not standing up, for what America needs the most right's Racism. An an issue, that has been laying dormant...and highly exacerbated, for selfish political gains, by the GOP and the Tea Party.

The question, is, how do we eliminate this fanatic evilness, that is choking our nation...this Immoral Cynicism, that is currently occupying the Majority of the Lower Chamber, and the Minority of the Upper Chamber. The GOP claims, that they received a mandate...while in reality, everyone knows, that the results, of recent elections, was more out of anger and frustration, than confidence in the GOP...which, polls show, that the majority of voters,
believe, that the GOP, will fail in accomplishing much, by 2012. That poll, does not appear as a mandate, for the GOP. Yes! the GOP in 2010, has Degenerated to its Lowest Form, they have sold their the highest bidder.

Now, more than ever, we, as a a country, that is more and more becoming a “Third World Nation”, as so eloquently written, by Arianna Huffington...need to begin to get involved in our Government...we have to speak out, against the Injustice towards those less fortunate, those suffering from Health issues, who cannot financially afford, to get sick. Against the Hatred, the Fear, and, the Racial and Ethnic violence towards the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Jews, and the Muslim Americans...which is mounting. The Elimination Collective Bargaining to the Public Labor Unions, and laying off Public Sector workers...systematically eliminating the Trade Union, will it be the Private Sector Unions?...even, Child Labor Laws are already being threatened. The continuous movement towards the elimination of Public Education, Social Security, and Welfare, along with Medicaid and Medicare. The threat to Women Rights, and the intrusion into People's Private Lives...and finally, the changing of Laws around the Country...limiting People's Right to Vote.

We have to speak up!! and find real solutions...put all Politicos on notice, that Participatory Democracy is on the rise...and, will not be quieted down, or allow, to be suppressed by the Right Wing, Conservative Media!!

The greatest trick the Devil ever made, was to fool Mankind that he did not exist. The GOP is taking a page out of that, using the “Big Lie” upon this country...Appealing to Prejudice, Appealing to Fear, Demonizing the Enemy, Using Half-Truths and Deceptive Statements, the use of Dysphemisms, Name Calling...and finally, Managing and Controlling the News, at any cost. They perform this act; that GOD is on their side, and...that,“they” are reclaiming God...OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE, America!!...and you'll realize, that it’s not GOD, behind that Face...but, Satan himself, performing his trick, all over again.