Apr 10, 2017

The "Con" gets conned: Sucked into a Syrian Quagmire

By RF Schatten

"To Believe or Not to Believe in the Age of Trumpism", has become a major topic of Chit Chat everywhere you turn. And now, an attack by 59 Tomahawk Missiles on an empty Warehouse?

Let's put this current Middle East Crisis in some sort of perspective.
1) We have been militarily funding the Syrian Rebels in its Revolution against Bashar Al-Assad's Government.
2) Russia supports Al-Assad with a Military fully armed to the teeth, with the latest equipment and technology, plus Russian Air Power for support.
3} The US is fighting ISIS, and Russia is "technically" fighting ISIS, too…but, not really!…they'll protect Assad, 1st and foremost.

So, the Scenario: We have Syrian Rebels getting bombed by Russia Airstrikes, that are killing Rebel Soldiers and Civilians…including the Women and Children banned from entering the Unites States!
Meanwhile, Assad decides to Gas some towns that are Rebel strongholds, including more Women and Children that might have been alive today, if allowed to enter as Syrian Refugees.

Why would the US Navy fire 59 sophisticated Tomahawk Missiles on 1 target?...and an empty target, at that?!?! There's enough accurate intelligence reports to hit the right Target…and still, they hit an empty building? Only if ordered.

The New York Con Artist Extraordinaire has become the "Mark" by a much better cold-blooded Con named Vlad…and in perfect view for the rest of the world to see. While at the same time, he's purposely adding tension between the US and Russia. Testing the Trumpster?

How do Secret Foreign Affairs become very Public? Just have the Trumpster involved!

The Trump/Putin phone call, warning about the eminent Missile Attack and its target, was the proper protocol, considering Russia has personnel on the ground. The fact Russia is Syria's key ally doesn't help matters, and whether it was Intended or not… it gave the Syrians more than enough time to move whatever they wanted out. There were even eyewitness reports to the moving of equipment and crates out of the building!
The chemicals for Gas Warfare? Not there! Some, question whether it was Assad or Putin, who actually Gassed the population?...they'll both lie and cover for each other, anyway!

The response for the Attack was correct: a Statement, condemning the use of Gas or Germ Warfare…and, it should stop right there!! Except, were speaking about Donald Trump, his love for the Ultimate Limelight, and the Money! Money! Money! from the Military Industrial Complex.
Cashed in big time on his Raytheon Stock with those Tomahawk Missiles. Estimated cost? at $1.4 Million per big pop?…no wonder he fired so many of them!

How does everything this President does, turn into a nightmarish series of scandals or inept strategies and actions??
The Gas attack and Nikki Haley showing Pictures of the dead children at the United Nations was Trump's Bush9/11moment…the Missile Attack? Like George's 9/11 defiant pose on top of the Rubble, all for the mere interest of the Polls, and maybe a Photo-op. And like Dubya, they'll drop again!

Was it a "Wag the Dog" stunt? The Syrians were expecting it!…when the Missiles were fired, the Syrians' sophisticated Air Defense with its Russian Anti-Aircraft Systems, plus the S-300 and the "State of the Art" S-400 Anti-Missile Systems did not respond! Allowing those Tomahawks to enter Syrian Airspace, and tracking them till they hit its target...an empty building!!

And not bombing the runways? It's the standard 'universal protocol' in Air Warfare…bomb the Airfields 1st to minimize your enemy's response! The Pentagon knew that…but did Trump care to use Military Intelligence or professional advice? Too much Information for his tiny mind!
Not bombing the runways because they can be easily repaired?? More Trump horseshit!...like always. Those runways are not to be touched, cause the Russians use it for their planes.

The Attack? It was a Political stunt to give himself a boost and a jump up in the Polls! But a very dangerous Part #2 of this Tale, now follows, and what emerges may easily cause what the world kept warning the US about. Yes! Get the hell out of the Middle East!…now, the inexperienced and totally inept Donald Trump is being pushed directly by Putin on one side, by Bibi Netanyahu on another, Turkey's Erdogan sticking his 2 cents in and urging Trump to bring in ground troops!…and the GOP? Well, for them it's fantastic! Let all those Military Lobby "Commissions" roll in!!
The Missile Strike "wasn’t intended to 'damage' Assad", Tillerson said, "because the Trump Administration is actually 'working with Assad' to defeat ISIS"!...WTF?!?!

It was all a Charade? Using innocent victims such as these poor little kids, as pawns to advance his own agenda? Yes! "Deplorable" is too kind of a word for this "little" man.
Working with Al-Assad?? Trump is definitely Putin's "Mark"! As Americans watch him get sucked into the Syrian conflict, even deeper…our Nation is being insulted by our own Leader, and embarrassed in front of the whole world!
Oh! BTW, remember the Trump/Russia Scandal? How can you forget so soon? How a convenient and relatively harmless Airstrike, keeps the Putin/Trump Collusion Show off the scandal sheets for at least few days! Ironic? Don't think so!

In Syria, The First Step Down A Dangerous Road