Apr 17, 2016

Republican Civil War: Donald Trump vs the RNC

 By RF Schatten

"Out of Chaos, comes Order". Nietzsche must be rolling in his grave...probably never expected a 'Reverse Theory' of his thoughts. In today's Party of Dumbo, out of traditional Republican Conservative Order...comes Chaos.

Does anyone expect anything less from this batshit group of clowns? It's been a Political Freakshow from Day 1...and lead by the biggest Freak to hit the American Political Theater ever!
Donald Trump has manipulated the coverage by the Press, insulted and disrespected all the Candidates on both sides, and even Foreign Countries!...and tries to continually intimidate the Republican Party in getting everything he wants, ever since he announced his candidacy as a Republican.

Now, Reince Priebus...after a talk with "The Donald"...laid down the Rules, and they're not going to be changed for Trump! So, if Donald is going to get his way? he might as well declare War on the GOP...and, so he did!
First, warning the GOP that if he doesn't get the nomination, "there's going to be Riots in
Cleveland"...now warning them that if they don't change the rules (to
his liking), "It's going to be a 'Rough' July Convention"!

In the words of "The Mick"; 'You can't always get what you want'!! No Donny Boy! if you want to play Politics...you gonna have to play by 'their' Rules, not yours...this is not your playground and you don't own it! And if you don't want to play by their rules, you can always quit and go home!...I don't believe anyone in the GOP is going to shed a tear, if
you do so.

Everyone is complaining that the Rules are Rigged...in both Political Parties! The reality? no, they're not...there's not much difference today than other years. Reince Priebus said; “Each individual State determines how they’re going to allocate their Delegates. So, it’s up to the Campaigns to 'know the Rules' and compete in each of those States within the Rules.”
It's pretty much the same in the Democratic Party. Know the Rules in every state, work inside each Local & State Party Committee, attend meetings, organize and build up within the local Community, and become a Party Activist...and you can't file lawsuits just cause people don't agree with you! Why do you think it takes a good 3-4 years to prepare for a run in a National Election?

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio from July 18th to the 21st, is going to replace Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey as the Greatest Show on Earth! Their old Clown Car just can't compete with the fame of the GOP's Clown Car...and with all due
respect to the great Emmett Kelly...the GOP Cast of Political Clowns who call themselves "Contenders", are more hilarious than a thousand clowns.
You can even get the Popcorn and Peanuts, sit in front of the TV, and watch and laugh to your heart's content!

People watch certain sports for the Blood, that Car Wreck, to see someone get smashed to bits like in the MMA. Political Conventions are fairly tame to what they once were...such as the Walk-out by Strom Thurman and the Dixiecrats in 1948, and the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago!...but Cleveland? is going to be a doozy!

The hope for most viewers is to see Trump and Cruz finally unable to take it anymore, just slug it out and destroy the hell out of each other...and the Winner gets the nomination!

It's just too bad the Secret Service spoiled people's expectation of seeing a true Western Gunfight, by not allowing all these Buckaroos to open-carry inside the Convention. And to our shame!...as the entire world just keeps watching!

Donald Trump Tells RNC: Reform Rules Or Face 'Rough' July Convention