Aug 23, 2015

From Toilets to Tanks: A Pentagon's Eternal Budget Nightmare

By RF Schatten

When it's accountability time, the last words the Pentagon's bookkeepers and bean counters want to hear are?...Show Me The Money"!!!

"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military-Industrial Complex" ~~~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

When it comes to keeping the books straight, the Pentagon's Accounting Office would be the farthest from anyone's mind. What's the surprise about a bunch of Generals who cannot account for $8.5 Trillion Dollars? Someone had fun!!...and there's been no Defense Contractor filing for Bankruptcy, lately?!?! So, where's the $$$?
From $1,500 Gold Toilet Seats to the controversy of the Bradley Assault Vehicle, keeping the accountability of our defense program while the Military Industrial Complex keeps their grubby and greedy hands inside the political Cookie Jar, has been a thorn in the side of every administration since that Republican President warned us all about them!!

Accounting for $8.5 Trillion? How about starting with the 234 Golf Courses built around the world for the poor hard working Generals? "Travel Golf" says that the very best Military Golf Course in the U.S. is the Air Force Academy’s Eisenhower Blue Course in Colorado Springs, CO. How about the Arizona Golf Riyadh, Saudi Arabia...complete with Bowling Alley, Gym, Roller Hockey Rink, Horse Stables, an Amphitheater, a Cappuccino Bar, and a Restaurant...and if that's not enough from passing the time away from doing absolutely nothing? a Megapool with a Water Slide!!
It's not all Golf Courses, naturally, how about Ski Resorts in the Alps?!?! and enough $$$ for Personal Chefs, Automobiles, and other fringe benefits...really don't know how hard these guys work?...but! they're sure having fun!!

In today's political blame game, blaming the other side is just a plain hypocritical cop-out...the Military Complex Lobby has been in the business of purchasing the best politicians money can buy, since Harry Truman went after corrupt Military Contractors and the Generals' spending habits after WWII.

This is truly a Bi-partisan's beyond any Republican or Democratic Administrations. The Dept of Defense has always had its way with Politicos...whether it's a Conservative or Liberal Administration, it doesn't matter...funding the Pentagon always has the same controversial debate, always the same cry for National Defense and Security from every evil that exists on this planet. Ahhyup! they always end up getting what they want, anyhow! Reform the Pentagon?...the Pentagon is beyond Reforming...what they need is a complete overhaul of their internal bureaucracy!

Too many years of political corruption between the Military, Politicians, and Civilian Military Contractors...they'll start wars for a contract!...just ask Dick Chaney's Halliburton on how it's done?? The Pentagon has evolved into its own creature, beyond its jurisdiction. War and Guns is a big business...add greedy and corruptibly weak Politicians, and corruptible Military Officers...and nothing is ever going to get resolved!

Show me the money?? $8.5 Trillion, funneled by every Contractor, Politician, Lobbyist, Military Officer, and whoever else gets a piece of the Pie!! Changes? not till it becomes part of our national discourse!...the Daily Kos calls it; "The Biggest Scandal in US history, that nobody is talking about" But, it's Election season...and one side will try to bury it, while the opposite side of the aisles will continue to expose the matter....overhauling the System? Can it seriously be Fixed or Overhauled?...and if it can? can it be successfully accomplished? Too much to ponder over...that's why these Generals need to get out and have a good Round of Golf!...might as well, they've built enough courses out there!!  

GOP's Favorite Socialist Program Lost $8.5 Trillion And Will Bankrupt America