Aug 27, 2015

It's Undignified to tell the Truth...arrogant talk by an Undignified Koch

 By RF Schatten

An arrogant statement by an undignified human being calling out the President, for being undignified and telling the Truth?? Being on the upper crust of the Upper Class Society doesn't necessarily mean you have any sort of class! The definition of "Dignity"; ~The state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect~. In the case of Charlie Koch, an indecent, immoral, and dishonorable human being...with a record to back it up...the truth, really does suck!

“You start seeing massive lobbying efforts backed by Fossil Fuel Interests, or Conservative Think Tanks, or the Koch Brothers pushing for new laws to roll back Renewable Energy Standards or prevent new Clean Energy Businesses from succeeding...that’s a problem.” ~~~ Barack Obama

Why is it "Undignified" for telling the truth?...we're in a world where the "Big Lie" has become the norm, where lying is the standard policy of a Political Party with no Policies except appeasing the Upper 1% of this Country, and hopping into bed with the Brothers Koch! The arrogance of exploiting those less fortunate for the almighty dollar...yet! Charlie feels offended for being criticized?? Another rich bastard like Donald Trump, attack anyone who criticizes you!... “It’s beneath the President, the Dignity of the President, to be doing that.” But it's not beneath the dignity of The Republican Party and the Koch Brothers to use every indecent, disrespectful and derogatory remark when speaking about the President of the United States! They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist...these hypocrites are a testament on how to sell your soul!

Koch Industries rank 13th in the nation for Toxic Air Pollution, dumping more pollutants into the nation's waterways than General Electric and International Paper combined...and is currently outpacing Chevron, Shell, and Valero. Among the Top 30 Air, Water, and Climate polluters in the United States, only 3 companies listed pollute all 3...the Air, the Water, and the Climate...Exxon, American Electric, and Koch Industries. 24 Million Metric Tons of Greenhouse Gases a year polluted by Koch businesses!! Ahhyup! lot of Dignity there!

Dignity? Honor? Koch Industries has paid out a record number of Civil and Criminal Environmental Penalties. Toxicity is the Koch's agenda: The EPA's record holder in Pollution Fines, and record holder in Civil and Criminal Lawsuits... "Individual", "Class Action", and "Wrongful Deaths". The largest "Wrongful Death" lawsuit judgment of its type at that time in U.S. History...the cause? the explosion of a defective pipeline in about the "Dignity" of the 2 teenagers who were incinerated?...and the remorse? The remorse for losing so much money, Honorable!
For people who sleep with their money inside the mattress, and up their their sordid minds, and their power in the business's blasphemy to pay up any fines! Again, the arrogance of the rich and famous. It's easier and cheaper to their wallets to take over and own the country!...a $1 Billion appears to be the right amount to buy America, Trump plans to blow a Billion Dollars...what's $$$ for people willing to blow that much into an election?

How honorable are the Koch's vision for America? As RMuse says so well in his article: "The brothers’ state-level legislative arm the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Americans for Prosperity embarked on a massive campaign and crusade to do exactly what President Obama accused them of; pushing legislation to roll back clean energy standards to kill jobs and keep air and water quality on par with third world developing countries".

The Koch Political Agenda: Elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency (naturally!! why pay more fines?), Anti-Climate Change so they can legally pollute the climate, Pro-GMOs because...what you don't know is better for you...and naturally, better for their wallets! Anti-Minimum Wage them, people can make more $$$ if there wasn't a minimum wage! What Koch doesn't say, is who's the one making more of that $$$? Anti-Obamacare...having all the Private Hospital Corporations and Insurance Companies run your Medical life. Like Rick Scott's Columbia/HCA? This fraud of a Governor is a certified US Court Fraud, after losing the largest class action Medicare Billing Fraud case in American Jurisprudence. And let's not forget the Trans Canada Pipeline!! Who owns all those Oil Fields in Alberta? Trust a Corporation because they are now, people too?? Sure!!!!!! Personally, I'll trust an illegal alien on not raping someone, than Charles and David Koch from raping the entire country!

For a man with so much Dignity and Respect...what about his Honesty? Start by being honest of who He and Brother Dave are? who they represent?...they 'are' The John Birch Society! Their influence in Conservative Think Tanks?...they totally control the Cato Institute, and fund the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, and the Manhattan Institute. They own the best Politicos money can buy...starting with their very own #1 Biotch; Scotty Too Hotty Walker...a totally paid in full political whore. They 'are' Citizen's United, they 'are' Americans for Prosperity, they run and control ALEC...and they 'are' the Tea Party's favorite Sugar Daddy!

The Brothers Koch never made a secret of their dream to continue Fred Koch's legacy and that of the John Birch Society. It's their desire to "Buy" this Country by changing the laws to favor all their policies, buying the Senate, buying the House, buying the Candidates. And their lifelong desire to convert this Nation into their own Ayn Rand form of a Plutocratic Government, with Theocratic intolerance, all in a Ruling Class Society. How about that man's Dignity?? The Koch dream of absolute power? King Louis XVI and Czar Nicholas were considered to be from Dignified Aristocracy, too!!

Charles Koch Says its Undignified for the President to Tell the Truth About The Kochs