Aug 15, 2015

Contenders & Pretenders: Republicans' Problem with Women

 By RF Schatten

"If you want something said, ask a Man; if you want something done, ask a Woman!" ~~~ Margaret Thatcher

Why are Old White Men and Young Macho Wannabees in the GOP so Gynophobic? Could it be the fear of being emasculated by someone smarter than them? or the fact when a Woman takes over, their cynical misogynous ways, will be rejected by even larger numbers than it already is? It's the Grand Old Party's quagmire...their own Revolution on everyone not White, Christian,  or Male...and may he be a 'Masculine' looking Male! (even if you're not a Godfather). Women? Submissive Evangelical Christian Women only, need apply. It's all in their innate inability to search and find their true Masculinity.

The Republican Fear? 56.8 Million Unmarried Women of which 60.5% registered to vote in they feel an increase in that category rushing in 2015-16? 161 Million Women in the US as of December, 2013...and growing!! 63% Voted in 2012, and who got the majority of the women? Duh!...they 'do' have a reason to fear their Better Half!
How about the fear for the fastest growing segment of the nation's largest voting bloc since 2000?...the Black Woman! The Rising American Electorate consists of Unmarried Women, African Americans, Latinos, other People of Color and Millennials...they accounted for 82% of the growth from 2000-2014, with a gigantic 88% growth, alone between 2012 and 2014!

And how do these Republican Great Pretenders aka "Contenders" feel about women?
Jeb Bush believes in Government controlling 'your' physical Jeb?... Families? they don't have a right in making decisions about the life support of their own child, sibling, or mate. Terri Schiavo...the political sacrifice to Bush's religious lambs...never asked Baby Bush to decide her fate; but Jeb is a Bush and a Bush is above God! A convenient or inconvenient Death?...postpone death for Political gains, or in his family's case...a little mutually assured death and destruction here and there, done quickly for Political Gains is OK. Either way...playing with people's lives is a rush for a Bush.

Michael Schiavo, Terri's husband called Jeb Bush an "Untrustworthy Coward"! Cowardliness is a closeted trait of misogynous tough macho Chauvinists. Yea! he was speaking of Jeb...but that cowardliness is overflowing and drowning the Republican Party!!
And if Jeb has a daughter, and she has an affair and gets pregnant....will the “Scarlet Letter” Law apply to her?...of course not! He's a hypocritical the Duggers! The Scarlet Letter Law? as Jennifer Granholm so perfectly stated: “He thinks that Public Shaming of Single Mothers or Promiscuous Teenagers is a good thing to prevent them from misbehaving”. How about the promiscuity and misbehaving in the Bush Family throughout its History??...they still keep Neil locked up tight in the closet. Remember Neil? of course not!...he's been locked up and out of site for a long, long time!!

More pretenders! Mike Huckabee would "never insult Kelly like Donald Trump did"...then insults Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z of “arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp”. Ahhyup! Mike, the fine Christian Preacher who believes in daydreaming and being a transgender to enter the girls locker room, see how they look naked, and experiment with his "feminine side"...the same fine Christian who also has a fondness for pedophiles!
And more pretenders? 15 more people who hate women, including HP's own "Wicked Witch". They're glad she got canned...the internal HP eMail that trended over 20k PCs the day she was fired? "The Witch is Dead"! 15 others, all hating and/or fearing the opposite sex...the fear of losing that position of power to a woman, of being emasculated...but why would it matter? They're cowards with no cojones, now!

But, above all when you speak of Misogynous Gynophobes, you're speaking about the man of the hour...The Trumpster. No one exemplifies the Republican Party of everything that is wrong with them than "The Donald". He's a shining example of what the GOP stands for, every single issue! A man who's lawyer states that there's no such thing a Marital Rape, but ask Ivana about sexual abuse!'s about power, both physical and financial...and how to get away with it in a Conservative judicial system.

Trump represents everything that is wrong with people who try to muscle their influence or buy their own little world, at any cost! He's your 1% that represents the arrogance of the Brothers Koch, he's your Evangelical Christian hating bigot and racist, even when he tells you he doesn't give a shit about religion. A 3x married philanderer who's your savior of family values and pro-life...Planned Parenthood didn't exist in his family planning!  And he's your John Wayne and Clint Eastwood tough hawk who'll take on every country in the world who he can intimidate, or who tries to mess his Orange Rug. He's everything for everybody but particularly, the standard bearer for the GOP's degenerate arrogance and misogyny.

Megyn Kelly is not a saint, herself...another piece of shit...but, she asked the right questions! The fact was, Trump did like answering the truth, he's the least knowledgeable person in the room! So screw the substance of the questions and scratch her eyes out!

What Donald Trump did was simply, politically raping her...pissed off at her questions, she's just another woman in his eyes...and sticks it to her with his misogynous comments. In Trump's eyes? "Look baby, you're just a woman and I'm the Donald, I'm superior to you, and I'm going to make your life miserable because I enjoy it"!! And at the end...she got screwed on worldwide TV...and Trump picked up in the polls!! It's all Power over others...and there's sure a lot of women on the GOP, who enjoys being sexually abused...or not! We'll see what happens after 2016!    

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