Feb 16, 2014

In the GOP's latest Anti-Clinton round, Fools rush in...and, "Here's Mitt"!!

by RF Schatten

"Sometimes is wiser to remain silent and be considered a fool, than speak up and remove all doubts" ~~ Anonymous

Don't criticize someone, whose current popularity is far greater than yours...people don't care about that Oval Office Tryst, anymore...it's a different world out there!!
They do care about the guy, who refused to disclose his fortune...a slap to the face of his decent
Father's integrity...now, that was embarrassing!!

The statement on Bill Clinton, comes from a man the represents the most embarrassing, despicable and indecent aspect of Wall Street..."Leverage Buyout Brokers" now, that's a little embarrassing.

But, what's the most embarrassing thing about this Fool, saying all this BS?? Clinton became a
very popular President x2, and still remains just as, or even more popular...Romney looked liked a pathetic fool, in the most comically followed race in history, watched throughout the world, lost big
time...and became an embarrassment to Conservatism and the Republican Party.

Everyone knows why this Character came down from his little castle, and why the GOP geniuses decided to start their latest shtick, in their 2016 Anti-Hillary Campaign. A campaign, that every time they try something new...the more they attack, the more people, join the Hillary Fan Club!!
Stupid is as Stupid does...what else do these Fools have left?? Without a justifiable political and social philosophy, a platform, ideas, or even one viable human being, that has any semblance to a real candidate...the American Republican Party 'is' the real embarrassment, in our Nation today. 

Mitt Romney: Bill Clinton 'embarrassed the nation' - Yahoo News