Mar 25, 2012

That Shining City...And The Ghetto Below

by RF Schatten

When Ronald Reagan's “Shining City On A Hill” hit the airwaves...everyone, suddenly felt so much confidence about what direction, we as a Nation, were headed. “It's Morning Again in America!”, his ads would say. least, some people did believe, that America was turning 'that' corner, where prosperity was just at your finger tips ...others, knew better. But, the general belief then, was that a Nation, were indeed headed on that right better and more prosperous times.

But, here in this Country, we live in a constant state of Political Metaphors...what the American public, didn't really understand was, that the romantically and eloquently stated...really applied to those who are prosperous...the economically advantaged. Trickle Down Economics!! Set an economic structure, that those in the loop, will be handsomely rewarded...whatever is left, will 'trickle' down to everyone else...but, apparently, that 'trickle'...went down just enough, to reward their friends. It was a matter of the Elitist rewarding the Elitist. Money does corrupt, and the more you have, the greedier you become...keep it for yourself, and if there's enough...pass it down to those you associate with...keep it all, among your circle of friends.

This country, is not that Shining City on a Hill...only an Illusion, brought to you, by those more fortunate. That Shining City, belongs only to vacancy to those less fortunate.

Since the early 80s, the income inequality between the Upper Class and the Middle Class, has risen every single year. The Income Gap, now shows the greatest disparity ever, in the history of our Nation. The numbers are there...what is totally unbelievable and embarrassing, is that the United States of America, according to the CIA World Fact Book, ranks near the bottom, worldwide!! income inequality. The old Red, White, and Blue's gap between the Rich and the Poor is higher than The Ivory Coast, Cameroon,
Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen...and just ahead of Jamaica and Uganda. We rank 42nd in inequality, compared to Tunisia who is 62nd, Yemen, who is 76th, and Egypt at 90th. Forget England, Europe, and the rest of the Developed Countries...they are light years away from the US.

What does this means? I really don't think, I have to spell it out. The top one percent took home more than a fifth of all personal income in the U.S....that means, that a couple of dozen families in America, has more personal assets than 150 Million people...Combined!!! That, is just incredible! And 2012, they don't think, that is enough. Their income tax rates are lower than much of the Middle Class...and they want them even lower. Fair Share??? They don't know the meaning. The war between the Uppers and the Middles, has escalated like never before...and Politicos, who already have their hands inside these peoples' pockets, are defending these poor, unappreciated souls. They are staging the most hate filled campaign in US History...establishing and protecting the rights 31,000 over the rights of 311Million people...creating, an American Apartheid...and trying to gain legal control in this Nation for this 1%...over 99% of the population.

Politics aside, what is really shows the shame of the United States, on the World Stage today is...The Arrogance towards those less they are publicly demeaning the poor, and the middle someone like the Mayor of New York City, a Billionaire himself, put a ban on the donations and the feeding the Homeless, by the Food Banks in town...not allowing the homeless to be fed. His excuse is, that he needs to asses the Salt, Fat, and Fiber content, to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition and the amount of Salt intake...never mind, that they will probably die of starvation while every single item donated, is tested for the right amount of Calories, etc. It's like, if you are dying of thirst in the desert...and someone takes that precious bottle of water, and says, that it must be tested for chemicals before you can drink it!!

Another example, showing how unaware of reality, the Conservative American Elite is, and of the distance between them and everyone else: In an interview, Alan Dlugash, a partner at accounting firm Marks Paneth & Shron, made this comment, and I quote; “People who don’t have money don’t understand the stress...Could you imagine what it’s like to say I got three kids in private school, I have to think about pulling them out? How do you do that?” This, from a man who's a partner for a firm that specializes in financial planning for the wealthy. Oh! My God!! a millionaire cannot keep his kids in Private School, because his million dollar bonuses, have been cut 10% or, he only has a 900 or 800 thousand dollar bonus...soon, he may have to apply for food stamps!! I don't have money, Alan...come down to my level, and I'll show you, what 'stress'...really is.

With the greed of the Oil Industry, raising Gas Prizes to an all time high...while making record profits. Greedy Bankers, making illegal foreclosures, and enough illegal transactions, to make the Mob, look legitimate...while all along, raking in Gigantic Bonuses. And Giant Corporations making giant profits, while making giant layoff. They all call themselves Job Creators, but continue to layoff employees. And they don't really care...they continue doing all this, right out in the open.

It's not just their treatment of the less fortunate...they could care's the loss of dignity, and loss of pride, that this whole issue is about, for millions of people...the shaming of the unemployed...looked at as 'Bums' by the wealthy. Don't treat someone like that, because sooner or later, they will say; “Enough is Enough”

The shaming of America...people don't read history, anymore. And, as my favorite philosopher said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.
I really do feel sorry, for the Arrogance and the Ignorance of these Rich people...and how disconnected they really are, with the rest of America...very, very sad!

That Shining City on the Hill?? Yes, they do live there...while the rest of this Nation, lives right down below, in a sad giant Ghetto