May 14, 2012

Decision Time: Progression vs. Regression

by RF Schatten

On Monday, April 26, 2010, I was talking to a friend about American Politics, and wrote the following: “The Conservative movement, is genuinely scared, because, from the beginning of time, the greatest evil to the Conservative Elitism, has been “Reform”...they don't want Reform, they don't want to change the Status is a very real threat to their very own existence. And, when that happens, their only goal, is the resumption of power, which they controlled, for so many years. If Obama, is successful, and the American Progressive Movement take full control, Conservatism, would be out of favor for 30-40 years...and for that, they 'will' do, whatever it takes to avoid that scenario...even, at the cost, of taking the Nation down”.

This was just my personal thoughts...much before the Occupy Movement, before 99% became a household word, before anyone heard of Gene Sharp, before anyone knew of the disastrous GOP Debates, and the cast of characters embodying the political stage...all, making fools out of themselves...wanting that coveted GOP Party nomination.

What is scary about those thoughts, is that today, more than 2 years later, many Pundits and Scholars, are genuinely talking and writing...exactly...about the same thing; and, they don't know or care who the hell I am!!!

Today, the GOP is no longer the same Republican Party, you and I grew up with. Social Conservatism has taken a hold of the Republicans, to a point where closet hypocrisy on issues, and on personal matters is considered the norm...where Bigotry, Racism, Hatred, and Fear reigns supreme. Where the old party moderates, are allowing their beloved 'Party' to be taken over by Radical Conservatism...all becoming Political Whores, just because they are now faced with a 'black man' as President...something they only thought about in their nightmares. The only place for a Black person in the Republican Cocktail Party is as a domestic, that comes and goes out the back door...heaven forbid, actually having to share bread with them.

Today, the GOP is championing the cause of the 1%...among those, the 400 individuals in the United States today, that have more wealth, in combined Cash, Stock, and Property...than the assets of 155 Million Americans COMBINED!!! Their entire stance in the 2012 Elections is, on keeping that Elite 1% as rich as humanly possible. Money, Money, Money!!! and this year?? Reduce the Tax for the Rich, Increase the Tax to the Middle Class and the Poor, cut Medicare for the Elderly, eliminate Medicaid for the Poor, kill Social Security completely, as it stands today. Their war against Women, is the worst in this Nation's History, and their attack on Gays, Hispanic, Blacks, Jews, Muslims...all religions, that are not White Anglo-Saxon Protestant...the Elderly, the Environment, and Education. All this, threatens the very existence of our Nation's progress, made in over 200 years. Yet, the most important issue, I see in this campaign season, is the very sinister and dark side of today's Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said... “the GOP will do whatever it takes, to bring the downfall of Barack Obama, even if we have to bring the Country down with it”... “I will not help pass any legislation, till Barack Obama is out of Office”. So much for your “Loyal Opposition”.
What we are facing as a Nation, if the Republican Party wins, is a country controlled by the very few...does the family named “Koch”, ring in your thoughts? A Ruling Class Society, in a Theocratic Fascist Plutocracy. Sieg Heil!! This is true evil...I'm not bullshitting. As I said, the continuous movement towards the elimination of Public Education, Social Security, and Welfare, along with Medicaid and Medicare...Health Care in general!! The threat to Women Rights, and the intrusion into People's Private Lives...and finally, the changing of Laws around the Country...limiting People's Right to Vote. WE TRULY ARE IN A CLASS's time to get serious, and Vote for a real future, with real progress...not to regress to the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s...or even worse, to Germany 1933-1945.

Today, because of giant Political blunders by the GOP, and their inability to respond positive in government...the United States, no longer gets the respect in the world, it once had...why? Greed, Racism, Bigotry...what else do you want to include. The most respected man in the world, at this moment is Barack the US? Obama, just verrryyy slightly. The world is watching!!! act like what everyone expects of you, America!, don't get screwed!!

Actually, the Republicans are giving this country, the biggest screw job of this Nation's's the Tea Party, who is giving the GOP the Blow Job...and since the GOP, in 2012, are all degenerates, who condemn others in Society, while really being Closet Social Liberals, they love the Tea Bags to continue giving them that Blow Job!...they get highly aroused by the more Sadistic Evil Minded Wing of Conservatism. It's their way of justifying, why they have moved from Moderate Conservatism to Extreme Right Wing Conservatism. They really do love, the Extreme Philosophy of Conservatism...but, cannot resist those Closet Interludes with Liberal Minded thoughts.

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