Oct 23, 2014

Extermination and Humane Executions: Back to the Future with the Tea Party

By RF Schatten

Well! The true character of the Republican Tea Party has finally come out of the closet! The "filth" that America so much loves! if the Polls are correct.

EXTERMINATE People! Now, it's Ebola...what next? Extermination of those who don't quite fit the mold of Social Conservative America?...they probably wish, they could turn on the ovens. because they're so so religiously 'pure'. Human waste like Todd Kincannon shows the true spirit of the Republican Party and their Tea loving minions. "Humane Executions"?...you know, like the Humane Society!

And why not? To them, identifying Ebola with African Americans is part of their Fear and Hate strategy...identifying the President with Ebola, Aids, and Africa; "The African Culture that made Barack Obama is why the Zulus were still putting bones through their noses while Americans were walking in the moon" ~~ Todd Kincannon

Yes! Todd Kincannon is an ignorant piece of shit, a disrespectful, hateful, racist and bigot.  But he symbolizes everything the Republican Party stands for...keeping the people ignorant and uneducated, and instilling fear and hatred of the Poor, the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Gays, and the Women...and keep a constant campaign of misinformation and deceit.

And if the ratings or polls are still unfavorable to you? Suppress the vote and buy more Judges! They've been doing it openly, and very successful at it...just look at the Polls, folks! But the extermination of people because a disease and the immediate sanitation of the area, afterward? this shmuck has been watching "Outbreak" once too many times!.

Exterminations and Executions sounds too much back to the future, for me. I prefer my oven for Pizzas. I've read my history...and I've learned my lessons. Too many in this country haven't...but, keep making a scum like Todd Kincannon, a hero of his cause...and there's going to be a lot of cramming for history lessons!

Pro-Life Tea Party Christian Todd Kincannon: Execute All Ebola Patients (Screenshots) | Americans Against the Tea Party