Feb 24, 2015

Lies and Deceits: America's continuous affair with Bibi Netanyahu

By RF Schatten

"I have proof! that the 'other' side has Weapons of Mass Destruction"...no! no! no! it's not George W Bush...'that', was our non-Islamic Allies in the Middle East.

Now, there's evidence that those 'weapons' appeared to be a hoax. And no! Dick Cheney didn't rat him out...he only does that to undercover nuclear CIA Spies! It's not good when you're outed, and an embarrassment when US Secrets are revealed...even worse, when your own "Mossad" contradicted you; Uranium production, wasn't even close to those levels he showed during his little UN 'artistic' performance!

How those with power can try to manipulate world opinion for their own agenda...regardless who dies on either side...regardless the opinion of their own country or anyone else!

Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu has one goal in his political life...the full open invasion of Iran. They say that history repeats itself?...sometimes it repeats because of ignorance...sometimes it repeats by design. Iraq and Iran have been the main topic of conversation in certain circles since the world saw Dubya, stand on top of the rubbles of the World Trade Center...the perfect schmuck, and/or his successor to help in Israel's cause. Unfortunately, his successor turned out to be someone who wasn't about to be a puppet led by anyone...especially, a leader of another sovereign nation!

Ben Netanyahu said publicly that he will do anything it takes to break up any Agreement between the US and Iran. And he conspired behind the back of the US Government with John Boehner, without the knowledge of the President of the United States. Speak to the US Congress to lobby the GOP, and the American Conservative Jewish base...and bullshit the nation with fear, into voting and passing the Republican "Kirk-Menendez Bill"!!

Why??? read Section 2 (b) (5)!! It pretty much coerces the United States into a War with Iran!...just the right orgasm for John McCain to go apeshit with!...oh! those winds of war always feel great for Big $$. In this case...Big $$ Here...and Big $$ in Israel. Everyone wins...but the wounded and the dead!!

Leaked cables show Netanyahu’s Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad | World news | The Guardian